How to unlock the GTA V submarine

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GTA 5: How to Unlock Submarine [360-PS3]


If you have followed the various previews and news on Grand Theft Auto V, you will surely have noticed that in this new chapter it is possible to explore the depths of the sea that are much more detailed and rich in elements than the predecessor.

How to unlock the GTA V submarine

Although it is possible to dive with the protagonists, the limited availability of oxygen will prevent you from fully exploring the ocean, so the submarine

You will be using the mini submarine for the first time in the main story mission called "Merrywheather Heist". To unlock the submarine and be able to use it at any time, after completing this mission you will need to purchase the "Sonar Collection Dock" property for $ 250.000. The property can be bought by any of the three characters and once it is yours, the submarine will appear at the dock ready for use.

What is the submarine for?

As soon as you have unlocked the submarine you will receive a notification informing you that someone is willing to buy all the barrels of nuclear waste that you will recover from the seabed, and the submarine will be essential to carry out this activity (guide to collect all the waste). Not only that, exploring the seabed there will be other discoveries (such as the UFO wreck that fell into the sea) .... keep looking!

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