How to unlock the Extra Mission "Jamais vu"

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Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes: "Never See" Extra S Rank Mission Solution [XOne-360]


Here is the Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes extra unlockable mission intended for Xbox users.

How to unlock the Extra Mission "Jamais vu"

In addition to the main mission and the 4 side missions, MGS Ground Zeroes also includes one extra mission call, on Xbox One and Xbox 360, Jamais Vu. To unlock this mission and make it playable we will have to find all the collectible badges scattered throughout the game levels (follow the guide to XOF badges for more help).

Complete the Jamais Vu Extra Mission without alert / Rating S
To get this Objective you will have to complete the level without sounding alarms and without alerting any enemies. Take your time studying the situation well from the corners and using binoculars. In the final part, use the RPG to take out the enemies and stay in cover so as not to be detected. This will unlock the Objective "Hidden". Here is a video showing how to do it while also obtaining the final S.

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