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Dragon Age Inquisition: guide to unlock multiplayer characters [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3-PC]


In Dragon Age Inquisition the characters available for multiplayer mode are unlocked in a rather unusual way, let's see how.

How to unlock multiplayer characters

To unlock new characters for use in Dragon Age Inquisition multiplayer mode, you need to create the armor of the character you want to unlock. Go to the creation menu of the multiplayer mode and select the character you are interested in to find out what you need to unlock him. Generally they serve:

  • Warrior: 1 set of clothes, 2 sets of metal and 1 set of leather
  • Magician: 2 sets of clothes, 1 set of metal and 1 set of leather
  • Thief: 1 set of clothes, 1 set of metal and 2 sets of leather

Where are these materials found?

When you get items that can be equipped, you can destroy them to get materials. Items are weapons, accessories and even upgrades, armor is excluded. These items are obtained randomly, by opening the chests found during the game (or the chests bought from the merchants).

The materials you will get by destroying the objects depend on WHAT you destroy: for example, if you destroy an object that can only be equipped by a Thief, you will most likely get skin, that is material that is used in particular to unlock the characters of that same class.

Apparently this is the only way to get the materials needed to unlock multiplayer characters. (thanks to Yamato and Ivan Veleno for the contribution in the comments).

Here is a video dedicated to the topic. Don't forget to also consult the Dragon Age Inquisition cheats and guides tab for other guides on this game

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