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    How to unlock clothes and accessories

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    Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII: guide to unlockable costumes


    In Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII there are 71 items of clothing that can be worn by the sweet Lightning. Today we see how they unlock.

    How to unlock clothes and accessories

    First of all you need to know which gods 71 total costumes, 57 are available in the first game and another 13 become available in a second game if played on DIFFICULT difficulty. The last outfit can only be unlocked by getting Platinum (follow our guide to Trophies if you need help), that is, by unlocking all the Trophies in the game (it is not clear if this also applies to the Achievements on Xbox 360, personally I think I do. Yes).

    In this guide we will leave out the costumes that can be bought normally in the various shops in the game, remembering that by playing a New Game + on hard difficulty you will find costumes that were not available in the first game.

    See the Lightning Returns Final Fantasy 13 cheats sheet for other useful guides on this game.

    Various unlockable costumes

    Let's start with the clothes for Lightning that can be unlocked by performing particular actions:

    Guardian Corps: This costume unlocks if you have any Final Fantsy XIII saves on the console you're playing Lightning Returns with.

    Etro's Guardian: This costume unlocks if you have any Final Fantsy XIII-2 saves on the console you're playing Lightning Returns with.

    Changes on Noel's costume: If you have any Final Fantasy XIII-2 saves on the console you're playing Lightning Returns on, Noel's costume will change based on the outfits he wore in the saved game.

    Utsusemi Samurai: to get this costume you just need to download and play the Lightning Returns demo. Exclusive to PS3 users. It unlocks like any additional content, but it's free when you download the demo

    Siegfried: to unlock this costume you will need to complete the Lightning Returns demo and share, via the Outerworld service, the score you got in the battle against the boss Zaltys at the end of the demo.

    Complete par excellence: This special costume is a drop that the Ereshkigal boss of the extreme meander will drop after you defeat him.

    Cat costume: this costume requires a bit of a special process to unlock. See the guide to unlocking the miqo'te costume for more details.

    Unlockable costumes with missions

    Midnight Mauve: Complete the side mission "The Fighting Actress" in Yusnaan

    Mago Blue: Complete the "Free Will" side mission in Yusnaan

    Sacred Knight: Complete the side mission "The Grail of Valhalla" in Wildlands

    Paladin: complete the side mission "The Saint's Stone" in Luxerion

    Dark Knight: Complete the side mission "To save the Sinless" in Yusnaan

    Dragoon: Complete the "Death Game" side mission in Yusnaan

    Soldier of Peace: Complete the "The Hunter's Challenge" side mission in Wildlands

    Purple Lightning: Complete the side quest "A rose by any other name" in Luxerion

    (if you need help completing these missions follow the guide to secondary missions)

    Unlockable costumes with treasures

    On certain days, the following costumes are available on the Ark to be found as treasures. Also follow the guide to the treasures.

    Day 1: Mist Wizard

    Day 2: Red Mage

    Day 4: Black Mage, White Mage

    Day 7: Amazon Warrior

    Day 9: Heartstealer

    Day 11: Martial Monk

    Day 13: Equilibrium+, Dark Muse+, Mist Wizard+

    Costumes unlockable via downloadable content (DLC)

    Here we see which costumes can be unlocked as pre-order bonuses or contained in the various special editions of the game. Subsequently, all of these bonus costumes should become available for purchase by all via paid DLC.

    Bonus Collector's Edition: Cloud Strife's Soldier 1st Class, Aerith Gainsborough pre-ordine bonus: Yuna's Spira Summoner pre-ordine bonus: Shogun, Sohei Savior, Flower of Battle

    Limited Edition Pre-Order Bonus (EU): Shining Prince, Utsusemi, Dark Samurai

    Downloadable DLC at Game Launch: Costume Lara Croft "Endurance" of Tomb Raider

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