How to unlock bonus cars

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Watch Dogs Unlockable Cars Guide [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3-PC]


Here are the most beautiful and powerful cars for Mr. Aiden Pierce to drive.

How to unlock bonus cars

In addition to the cars that we can unlock by hacking left and right around Chicago, in Watch Dogs there are a series of cars that are unlocked by completing particular tasks throughout the game.

So let's see what are the unlockable cars of Watch Dogs and what to do to unlock them.

Note: some of these are normally also found around Chicago, but only by unlocking them as described below will you have them in the car app on request.

Amargosa Turbo
How to unlock: unlock 5 ctOS antennas (see ctOS antennas guide)

Vespid 5.2
How to unlock: complete a privacy invasion (see privacy invasion guide)

How to unlock: completed 5 privacy invasions (see privacy invasion guide)

Vespid LE
How to unlock: find 7 disposable phones (see disposable phones guide)

Tycoon LE
How to unlock: find 10 human trafficking cases (see disposable phones guide)

Boxberg LE
How to Unlock: Complete 20 Fixer Contracts

Sayonara LE (moto)
How to unlock: Clear a poker table

Livraga LE
How to Unlock: Complete 9 online races

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