How to unlock Bardock (Legendary Saiyan)

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Dragon Ball Xenoverse: Guide to Unlock Bardock [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3-PC]


We continue with the guides dedicated to the unlockable characters of Dragon Ball Xenoverse. The time has come to play with Bardock.

How to unlock Bardock (Legendary Saiyan)

For this character the requirements to make him playable start to get a little more complicated than those we have already seen. In short, to unlock Bardock you have to defeat him in his secret mission within the Legendary Saiyan Saga, here's how to get there.

1) First of all you will need to gain access to the Saga of the Legendary Saiyans. To do this you will have to complete the whole story and defeat the final boss, for more help follow the complete walkthrough of Dragon Ball Xenoverse. Defeating Demigra you will get the first fragment, to have access to the secret mission of Bardock you will need to have a total of 5 fragments.

2) Obtain the 5 fragments of the Time Crystal. Here are the ways to get the shards:
- 1°. as already mentioned, the first is obtained by defeating Demigra by completing mission 3 of his Saga
- 2°. talk to Recon in the Time Square
- 3°. complete Parallel mission 49 (note: it seems you need to get a PERFECT to get the fragment)
- 4°. there are several ways to get this snippet:
- defeat Goku in the parallel mission 14, or
- defeat Ginyu in Goku's body in parallel 18, or
- Complete Parallel Mission 42
- 5°. also for this fragment there are several ways:
- complete parallel mission 2 (note: it seems you need to get a PERFECT to get the fragment), or
- defeat Super Saiyan Goky in parallel 21, or
- complete parallel mission 32

3) Now that you have all the fragments you can go to the Time Square and talk to Trunks. He will give you the chance to start the Bardock Saga, complete it to unlock Bardock himself. Below is a video that shows the solution of this Saga, do not forget to also consult the guide to unlock all the characters of Dragon Ball Xenoverse and also the tricks and guides tab of Dragon Ball Xenoverse with all the other guides on this game

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