How to transfer photos from Android to PC without USB cable

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Didn't you know that you can transfer photos from phone to computer without using USB cable, without having to connect Android to PC? Well, you are in the right place. Ever since the use of computers has spread so widely around the world. There has always been a big problem when we want to transfer a song, video or picture from our phone and don't have a USB cable handy.

But over time this problem has been solved, in this article we will explain how to transfer files from Android to PC without using any cables in ​​Windows 10. But how can we stop using a cable to connect our phone or tablet to the PC.

At the moment there are excellent tools that, in a simple way, can help us to pass our files from the phone to the PC without the use of a cable. Every day, the almost exponential growth of so many tools that are created to solve the problems we face every day is more evident.

Thousands of concerned people like us try to offer responsible help, that's why in this article you will learn how to transfer photos and videos from phone to computer scable-free with Windows 10.

How to transfer photos from Android to PC without USB cable

In order for all Windows 10 users to be able to transfer photos and videos from their mobile phones to the computer without cables, we will use a small application that you need to download to your smartphone. This program is called AirDroid which you can download from the Play Store.

The next step will be to install it on your mobile and wait for it to be ready for use. When finished, we need to press the Open button. We will be presented with a screen with different options, these are Login, Register and Skip. In our case we have to press the Skip option.

After installing it on our mobile phone, we will now go to our PC.

We open our browser, in our particular case Google Chrome. We open it and in the address bar we have to type and then press the Enter key.

Here a small box will appear on our computer screen with the logo of the application we have just installed on our mobile device. In this box a QR code appears, what we need to do is take our mobile phone and scan the QR code.

The phone will notify you that it has scanned and both devices are now connected via the application you downloaded a few minutes ago on the phone and now can copy photos and videos from phone to computer. You have seen how easy it is to transfer photos and videos from phone to computer without cables.

Use of an application useful for transferring files from Android to PC

In this way we can transfer music or video to computer without any problem. For example, you want to transfer files from PC to Android, you don't have to use your phone anymore.

You simply have to press on the AirDroid icon, and all the files you have on your mobile device will appear on your desktop. You just have to select the photos you want to pass and then click on download.

When finished, the photo will automatically be saved to your computer in the download folder. If instead of passing a photo you want pass more photos, do the same procedure, but this time they will be downloaded in a compressed file. And to see the photos you just have to unzip the file.

The same procedure must be performed if we want to transfer videos from our smartphone to our computer and all this wirelessly. And as you can see you have already learned how to use this amazing application and be in able to transfer photos and videos from your mobile to computer without cables. You might also be interested in knowing how to control your android phone from pc or how to share your android phone screen with a computer via Wifi.

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