How to sync contacts with Gmail account on Android

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How to sync contacts with Gmail account on Android. Sync Android Contacts. There are several methods for back up your contacts to an Android smartphone. You can create a VCF file and copy it to a safe location, you can also export your device contacts to your SIM, and you can also backup your contacts to a cloud drive.

Google offers this option to Android users for sync all their contacts with their Gmail account. The option is enabled by default in Android smartphones. However, if it's not already up and running, you can sync contacts with your Google Gmail account.

Backing up your contacts via a Gmail account is a very useful and convenient option. At first, your contacts remain in your Gmail account, meaning there is no risk of losing them. The contacts file stored on the computer can be lost easily.

While the contacts saved on the Gmail account they will remain until you delete them. After installing a new firmware or custom ROM on your phone, you just need to add your Google account again and you will automatically receive all the contacts. On the other hand, when you manually backup your contacts, you need to restore them manually.

An Android device without a Google account is incomplete. There is a one in hundred chance that you are not using a Gmail account on your Android smartphone. It is very easy to take advantage of this feature. Here are some simple and easy steps for sync contacts with Gmail account on Android.

How to sync contacts with Gmail account on Android

  1. On your Android phone, go to Settings> Cloud and Accounts> Accounts. On some devices, you will simply find Settings> Accounts.
  2. In Accounts, tap Google> tap the Gmail address you are using on your Android phone.
  3. Now in the account synchronization options, you find it written more or less like this " Contact synchronization".
  4. If the sync button is grayed out, you need to turn it on. If you want to sync your contacts again, disable the button and turn it back on. That's all.

That's all!

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