How to summon the Shenron Dragon

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Dragon Ball Xenoverse: how to summon Shenron + wish guide


Let's blast the Shenron Dragon out and see what wishes we can make in his presence.

How to summon the Shenron Dragon

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse Shenron can be summoned in the Plaza of Time (temple field), but to do so there is an important requirement to be met: having 7 Dragon Balls. Dragon Balls are a completely random loot in the game, so there's no 100% surefire way to get them. However, there are several methods that can help you increase your chances of obtaining them, we have listed them in the guide to obtaining Dragon Ball Xenoverse Dragon Balls.

Whenever you have 7 spheres with you you can show up at the time square to have Shenron appear on the pedestal.

Below you will find the wish list that you can express with indicated i rewards you will get from time to time. Considering that the Dragon Balls are not very easy to find, the list will be very useful ...

  • I want some money! – Premio: 500,000 Zeni.
  • I want a rare item! - Reward: rare items.
  • I want a new dress! - Reward: Each time a piece of the Journey to the West special costume.
  • I want to get stronger! - Reward: some special items to equip and use in battle.
  • I want to grow! - Reward: the experience needed to move to the next level.
  • I want a new supreme attack! - Reward: can only be expressed twice and will give us two new supreme attacks.
  • I want a new special attack! - Reward: can only be expressed twice and will give us two sets containing various special attacks.
  • I want more usable characters! - Reward: can only be expressed three times to unlock playable characters; the first time Gogeta Super Saiyan 4 is unlocked, the second time Super C-17 is unlocked, the third time Omega Shenron is unlocked.
  • I want a second chance! - Reward: reset of the statistics and points assigned to our avatar during the game.
  • I want breathtaking beauty! - Reward: it will be possible to change the appearance and name of our custom character.
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