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    How to stop iPhone apps from tracking your location

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    The GPS sensors built into our smartphones are probably one of the best features ever. These allow our phones to be used in conjunction with mapping and navigation tools such as Apple Maps. However, the downside is that this has allowed certain apps and services to start tracking our location, and we're sure many of you aren't comfortable with it.

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    Sometimes when you download an app and start using it, the app may ask you to enable Location Services. This means that the app could, in theory, use the phone's built-in GPS to track where you are. Some apps, like Apple Maps, Google Maps, and Waze, obviously have to use your location to work, but sometimes some apps don't need it.

    Thankfully, Apple has integrated some privacy features into iOS that will give you more control over how an app tracks our movements, so here's what you need to know if you want apps to stop tracking you or at least limit the location tracking.

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    How to prevent iPhone app from tracking you

    1. starts settings
    2. Go up Privacy> Location Services
    3. If you want to completely disable the location services , you can tap the switch to turn it off. However, the downside is that this may cause some apps to stop working or give inaccurate results.
    4. If you'd rather just manage certain apps, simply tap on the individual apps listed below.
    5. Now you can choose between:
      • Never allow the app to access your location, which as we said could potentially break an app's functionality
      • Allowing the app to access your location while you use it, which means that once you stop using it, it won't be able to track you even if it's running in the background.

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