How to spot UFOs, Aliens and Flying Saucers in GTA 5

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GTA 5: here are all the UFO sightings [Easter eggs]


That Grand Theft Auto V had a particular felling with the theme of UFOs and Aliens we had understood it from the first hours in which the game started running on consoles all over the world. So let's see all the sightings of flying saucers and aliens known to date in GTA 5. I have already put the hat made with the domopak, and you ???

How to spot UFOs, Aliens and Flying Saucers in GTA 5

1) The flying saucer crashed into the sea at Paleto Bay
In the northern area of ​​the map, in Paleto Bay, in the depths of the sea you can find the wreck of a UFO that crashed to earth. For all the details and to see it with your own eyes, follow the guide to the UFO crashed into the sea.

2) The dead alien in the ice
We all passed very close in the game's Prologue, but very few noticed that a few meters away was the body of an Alien trapped in a frozen stream. To see it follow the guide to find the frozen alien.

3) Flying saucer: sighting on Fort Zancudo
To see this flying saucer, all you have to do is go West on the map, fly a plane very high in the sky and then parachute yourself over the area of ​​the Fort Zancudo base. While you are in free fall a UFO will appear, do not try to get close because you will be repelled. In the video at the end of the article you can see this sighting together with the next two.

4) Flying saucer: sighting on Mount Chiliad
It is possible to see this UFO ONLY after completing the game 100% (follow the guide to 100% complete GTA 5). Once you've done that, climb to the top of Mount Chiliad and wait on the walkway that says "Come back when your story is complete". At 3.00 o'clock at night, ONLY if the weather is rainy, a flying saucer will appear. If it's not raining, you can use the trick that changes time, enter it 7 times to get rain. This sighting is also shown in the video below.

5) Flying saucer: sighting at Sandy Shore
A UFO very similar to the one seen on Mount Chiliad also appears on the hippy field on Sandy Shore, in the east of the map. Fly over the area for a chance to spot this flying saucer. This sighting is also shown in the video below.

Here is the video showing the sightings of points 3, 4 and 5. To see the first two, consult the related guides linked.

If you happen to see something else, don't waste time and report it immediately in the comments.

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