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The Samsung Galaxy A12 smartphone has a full range of functions necessary for comfortable use of the device. In particular, it supports Internet sharing modes. It allows you to configure a network connection for those devices where it is not available (for example, if your friend's smartphone does not have 4G, or if the Wi-Fi does not work on your computer). We just need to figure out how to share internet on Samsung Galaxy A12.

Before moving on to how to use the function, it is necessary to focus on some other aspects that will allow us to avoid misunderstandings. The internet sharing option is available on all devices based on the current version of Android, including Samsung Galaxy A12. The principle of its operation lies in the fact that the phone is used as a Wi-Fi access point, so it becomes a kind of modem for other devices.

To use the connection of the Samsung Galaxy A12, the 3G or 4G mobile connection must be active and the Wi-Fi must be disabled. But even this is not enough, since mobile operators can set their own restrictions. In particular, users with unlimited Internet access plans will not be able to activate the Internet on their mobile phone. In most cases, the option only works on plans that provide an unlimited package. However, this information can be verified with your operator. So let's see how to share a mobile connection via hotspot or tethering on Samsung Galaxy A12.

How To Share Internet On Samsung Galaxy A12

The Samsung Galaxy A12 feature that provides network access to other devices works completely free of charge, if the corresponding restrictions are not set by your mobile operator. You can use it in a variety of ways.

How to use cellphone connection via Wi-Fi

The most popular way Samsung Galaxy A12 owners use the most. To share the Internet via Wi-Fi you will need to:

  1. Open the device settings.
  2. Go to the “Connections” section (the name may vary depending on the firmware version), then to “Mobile hotspot and tethering”.
  3. Enable the option.

Next you need to enable Wi-Fi on the device you want to connect to an access point and select Samsung Galaxy A12 using the list of available networks.

How to activate the Internet on your mobile phone via Bluetooth

This method largely copies the previous version, but in this case the network is shared not via Wi-Fi, but via Bluetooth. However, the internet itself works wirelessly. To set up a connection, you will have to follow steps 1-3 of the previous method and then activate the “Bluetooth tethering” slider or put a check mark in front of it.

To connect on a device that should receive traffic, you need to turn on Bluetooth and connect to the Samsung Galaxy A12 via the list of available Bluetooth networks.

How to connect to the Internet via mobile phone via USB

A great option for those who want to share their internet on a computer that doesn't support a wireless Wi-Fi connection. In this case, traffic is transmitted via USB, for which a cable is used:

  1. Enable USB tethering in the phone settings.
  2. Connect your device to the PC.
  3. Confirm the “USB tethering” mode on the smartphone screen.
  4. Open the list of networks available on your computer, then activate the new connection.

Now Samsung Galaxy A12 will deliver gigabytes of mobile traffic to your computer without using the wireless Wi-Fi network. At any time, the connection can be terminated by accessing the device settings or disconnecting the USB cable.

How to Enable Tethering and WiFi Hotspot on Samsung Phones

How to share internet on Samsung Galaxy A12 via an application

If you can't share the internet using the built-in tools, you can try a special app like FoxFi. It is available on Google Play and works in a similar way. To activate the access point, simply open the application, set a password and check the “Activate Wi-Fi hotspot” box.

If necessary, you can use any other similar program. In any case, the owner of the Samsung Galaxy A12 will have access to the entire list of options, including a connection via Bluetooth or USB.

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