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Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag: Friends to the skin guide


In this guide we see how to unlock the "Friends for the skin" achievement of Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag. The guide is complete, but there are some points not yet confirmed, please use the comments to report your experience and allow us to improve the guide.

How to share discoveries with friends

First of all let's say that this achievement can be unlocked exclusively ONLINE. Some say that it is essential to enter the online pass (Uplay Passport) to start "sharing with friends", while others report that they have still unlocked the result WITHOUT entering the code. Indeed Ubisoft later decided to withdraw the online pass from AC4, so this would explain how some users managed to play online and unlock the achievement without activating Uplay Passport.

Having clarified this point (report your experience in the comments, it is important) let's say that the discoveries that can be shared with friends in Assassin's Creed 4 are of three types:

- find a collective treasure
- find a white whale
- find a royal convoy

When you come across one of these three events, if you are online the discovery will automatically be shared with friends. To unlock the achievement you need to find and share one of each type.

Where are the discoveries to be shared

Unfortunately there are no fixed positions. As soon as one of these discoveries is made, in fact, a message on the screen informs that the position will disappear after 4 and a half hours from the moment of discovery, so it seems that the positions are random and that their finding is mainly a matter of luck. Surely you will have to wait to start sailing with your ship before you have a chance to find them all, since the white whale and the royal convoy can only find them at sea.

Below are the coordinates reported by some users where the discoveries were found. As already explained, it is by no means guaranteed that you will find them in these positions too, but you can try to take a spin in case there is some kind of rotation. If you are not lucky in the following positions, the only valid advice is to keep playing. Good luck!

The following coordinates are those reported by other users. The location of the discoveries is totally random, so there is no guarantee that you will find anything by going to these locations. Try it, if you don't find anything keep looking, there is no other way.

White Whale Finds at: (458,831), (877,654), (880,427), (640,900)
Findings of Collective Treasures at: (575,720), (881, 541), (606, 835)
Royal Convoys found at: (895,479), (789,440), (578, 885)

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