How to set the alarm on Samsung Galaxy S20

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How to set alarm on Samsung Galaxy S20 in 3 different ways. To set the alarm on your Samsung Galaxy S20, just open the Clock app. Samsung Galaxy S20 has a built-in alarm clock, which all Android devices are equipped with. Putting an alarm on your Samsung Galaxy S20 is pretty quick and easy. Just follow this tutorial.

How to set the alarm on Samsung Galaxy S20

  1. Select the icon "Applications”On the main screen.
  2. Tap the app "Clock".
  3. The app will open Clock. Select "Add alarm".
  4. Set the details for the alarm:
    • Setting a date specific for activating the alarm.
    • Change the day of the week.
    • Il alarm tone, this allows you to set the ringtone on Samsung Galaxy S20.
    • Postpone, this will allow you to snooze the alarm up to 3 times before it goes off.
    • Your name Wake-up calls, this allows you to name your alarm clock however you like.

Set the alarm on Samsung Galaxy S20 via standard tools

The watch is located on the home screen of the phone. You need to click on it to set the alarm on Samsung Galaxy S20. To add a new reminder you need to press the «+» button and then set the right time. Click the check mark to confirm.

If an alarm is already in the list, you can activate it by moving the cursor to the active position. In addition, you can change the parameters set by clicking on the reminder time.

Third-party app

There are many programs that can wake up a Samsung Galaxy S20 owner. On Google Play, you can even find a voice alarm to increase the alarm clock effect. There are also some apps, which monitor the sleep stages and wake the person gently.

These apps work on the same principle as the built-in tools. However, to set the reminder, you need not to click on the clock widget, but to start the program yourself. The same applies to the additional options in the individual users.

How To Change The Alarm Ringtone On Samsung Galaxy S20

As a ringtone, the user can add any song. By default, we find standard music (not everyone will like it). To change it, you must:

  1. Open the alarm (built-in or third party).
  2. Go to the "Settings" section.
  3. In the «Default melody» section, choose the signal you like.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphone allows you to change the ringtone of all alarms. The general settings section is responsible for the simultaneous change of reminders and by clicking on the set signal time, you can go to the specific alarm parameters.

How to turn off the alarm on Samsung Galaxy S20

When you no longer need to use the alarm, you can remove it by moving the slider to the left. Third-party apps allow you to turn off the alarm manually or by completely deleting the schedule. At the same time, turning the smartphone to "Do not disturb" mode does not deactivate the alarms.

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