How to score penalties in FIFA 13

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FIFA 13 - Guide / Tutorial to always shoot and score penalties


Have you ever missed a penalty while playing FIFA ??? To me yes, many times. Hitting the goal is not difficult at all, the problem mostly lies in avoiding throwing the ball straight into the goalkeeper's mouth.

How to score penalties in FIFA 13

In this guide we can provide some tips to refine the technique from the spot and increase our percentage of achievement by kicking penalties.

The first tip is to use the training arena to practice. Once in the arena press the "Select" button and then choose the option to train on penalties. Here you will have to learn to master the new option that allows you to target the shot with greater precision, which is activated by pressing the button. LT su Xbox 360 / L2 su PS3.

The trick, if we want to call it that, to become an 11-meter sniper is to take the penalty in this way:

1 - press and hold LT su Xbox 360 / L2 su PS3
2 - press the shot button to lock the accuracy slider exactly in the center
3 - give the right power by filling the bar to about 60-70% (just over half)
4 - after having released the shot button, yesPress the left stick diagonally up-left or diagonally up-right, in order to move the blue crosshair under the intersection

The beauty comes right here. To perform unstoppable shots like the ones you see in the video below You do NOT have to release the left stick. You will say: "yes, so the shot in the curve". This is exactly what will make the difference !!! You will need to train your timing, so that in the amount of time from the moment you start pressing the left stick until the moment the player kicks the ball, the blue crosshair must have moved exactly to the top corner of the goal. So, if you hit the left analog stick too late, the sight will not move far enough and therefore the shot will not be very angled, as a result the keeper may parry it. On the other hand, if you press it too soon the viewfinder will go out of the mirror from the door and then you will kick out. Your skill will then identify the right moment, after releasing the shot button, to press the left analog stick.

What I just told you is shown (and explained in English) in the video below. Practice and you will see that no one will be able to save your penalties anymore.


How to spoon Pirlo in penalty kicks

In this other video it is explained how to perform the spoon - now made famous all over the world by our Pirlo - kicking the penalties. To do this, just accompany the shot (which in this type of shot requires slightly less power than the normal penalties just seen) with the L1 button on PS3 / LB on Xbox 360. Here is the video

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