How to score from a free kick at PES 2014

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PES 2014: how to shoot and score free kicks [360-PS3-PC]


With the aiming system introduced in the new chapter, shooting and scoring free kicks in Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 just got a little easier.

How to score from a free kick at PES 2014

Skill is needed more than anything else in dose the power well. By loading the bar to less than half you will have a more precise but also less powerful shot, thus leaving the goalkeeper more chances to save. Conversely, charging the power bar to 3/4 will make the shot much more powerful, but you will also be more likely to pull out.

For this reason it is also very important choose the player to kick with. The most important parameters that are decisive for scoring free-kick goals are obviously "free kicks", but also "finalization" and "effect". Choose players who have high values ​​in these stats.

To pull the punishment adjust the trajectory with the left stick and then press the shot button charging the right power which, of course, also depends on your distance from the goal. Pressing the shot button again LITTLE BEFORE the footballer's foot hits the ball with the best players you will get the effect of the powerful shot from distance (already seen for the free kick in FIFA 14).

Below you can see two video tutorials that show how to do it: in the first there are the basic free kicks, in the second the powerful free kicks from distance.

Consult the fact sheet PES 2014 tricks and guides for other guides on this game.

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