How to reset an iPhone 5 / 5S / 5C

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How to reset an iPhone 5 / 5S / 5C, there are three methods to hard reset the iPhone 5S. Let's see all three.

Method 1 reset iPhone 5: wipe data

The first method to reset the iPhone 5 is to erase all your data, and to do it just go to:

Settings >> General >> Erase all data

You will have to confirm your choice and then the iPhone 5S reset procedure will start.

To delete all the settings stored on the iPhone 5S instead, you can choose the item "Reset all settings" in the previous menu.

Metodo 2 hard reset iPhone 5

What is iPhone 5 hard reset?

Hard reset of the iPhone 5 is basically a force restart of the iPhone 5 and allows you to reset the phone in case it got stuck and no longer responds to commands. With a hard reset of the iPhone 5 you will lose all data.

To perform a hard reset on the iPhone 5 you must press and hold the POWER + HOME keys for about 10 seconds. Release the keys when you see the Apple Apple logo.

If that still doesn't solve your problems, then let's move on to the second method to reset iPhone 5.

Metodo 3 hard reset iPhone 5 da iTunes

The third method to reset iPhone 5 is through the use of iTunes.
Connect iPhone 5 to PC or MAC and launch iTunes. Under Devices, choose your iPhone 5 and select Restore (reset iPhone 5).

At the end of the procedure you can restore the backup previously saved.

Well, the guide is over and with this you now know how to reset the iPhone 5 and how to save a backup and then restore it.

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