How to replace the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 battery

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Unlike previous Galaxy models, it is no longer possible to take the battery out of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9. It means that you need the help of a technician to replace the battery of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, also because any procedure for replacing it must only be carried out by an authorized technician.

You must know by now that removing the back cover of your device will compromise its IP68 certification and void the warranty.

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If you think you need to replace the battery of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, nothing can stop you. After all, the phone is yours.

However, if you haven't dissected your phone yet, know that doing so is quite a challenge, as you will have to go through the hassle of cutting all the glue that holds the components together.

Step-by-step instructions to remove and replace the Galaxy Note 9 battery

Depending on your preparation in opening smartphones, the following steps may be easy or very difficult to do ...

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  1. Using a heat gun, heat all sides of the phone's back cover until they are warm enough. Only in this way can you soften the glue that holds the back panel.
  2. Using a thin case or guitar picks, carefully slice the glue between the display and the back panel, but be careful not to push too far in, be careful not to damage some components inside.
  3. Use the vacuum to lift the rear panel slowly, but do not lift it more than half an inch as this could break the fingerprint sensor flex cable. Removing the back panel may take a few minutes and requires a lot of patience as it is the most difficult component to remove. Samsung has done a good job of making sure the Galaxy Note 9 is well protected against liquids.
  4. Once the back cover is removed, you should already be able to see the frames protecting and holding the components in place. They're attached with standard Phillips screws, so you shouldn't have a problem removing them. Just be careful not to damage any components.
  5. Removing the camera, iris scanner, and a few Phillips screws, then removing the motherboard, should be a lot easier than removing the back cover and battery, but be careful not to accidentally damage the other components.
  6. Once the motherboard is removed, you can use an adhesive remover to remove the battery. You cannot use a heat gun with it because the battery may explode if exposed to too much heat. The adhesive remover should loosen the battery and eventually remove it.
  7. You can then replace the battery with a new one and repeat the whole procedure by going back. The hardest part is how to glue everything together as before.

If you are one of those people who are willing to take the risk to fix their phones, then go ahead and try it out, but if you want to make sure you have a working phone after the repair, you need to let a technician handle the repair.

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I hope I have helped you or at least advised you well on how to replace samsung galaxy note 9 battery!

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