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Having a password on your computer increases security of the data it contains. However, if you prefer, you can automatically start the session as soon as you turn on your PC, without the need for a password. We tell you how to remove password windows 10.

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Configure user accounts

The Microsoft operating system does not have a visible option in the configuration that allows you to remove the password when turning on the PC. However, you have a hidden command at your disposal to accomplish this task.

You can find it by typing in Cortana's search bar "netplwiz"(Without the quotes). In doing so, this command appears to execute this command with an icon almost identical to the one used for user accounts in the Control Panel. Here you will find more options for existing user accounts.

Specifically, you will see that at the top of this new window there is a checkbox “Users must write their name and password to use the device”. Then, uncheck this box and click the OK button for delete the password to log on to Windows.

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Disable the password after a suspension

If you followed the steps in the previous section, it will no longer be necessary to enter a password in Windows 10 to log in after turning on the computer. The problem is, with that step, you only disabled it for this situation, so if, for example, you want to log into your PC after a suspension, it will still ask you to identify yourself.

 prevent Windows 10 from asking for the user's password after a system sleep, you need to access the Settings options available in the Start menu. From here click on the Accounts category and from the options you will see on the left, select Login Options.

Once done, you just have to select the Never option in the first drop-down menu and your preferences will be automatically saved. However, if you have a Microsoft account instead of a local account, this preference won't help you and you'll still be prompted for your password after suspension.

Create a local account

The only way to prevent Windows 10 on ask to enter password after a system suspend is to convert the Microsoft account to a local account. To do this, you need to go to the Settings options in the Start menu and go to the Accounts category.

Next, go to the "your email and accounts" section in the left column and you will see a colored text that says "Log in with a local account". The system will ask you to re-identify yourself to verify that you are the account owner.

Once the transformation to the local account is complete, this account will logically continue to keep the password you had before, which is your Microsoft account. You will need to go back to your account settings, go to the Options section to log in and click the Change button to change your password.

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Again you will have to type in your current password, but when you ask for the new password, leave both spaces blank. That way, you won't have to worry about rewriting your password to log in to Windows 10.

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