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On several occasions we hear amazing songs, however, we wonder what his name is or who the singer is. You can find through the Play Store different applications that listen to the song and in an instant they offer you all the information.

But which application really succeeds recognize a song? We have tested many applications for identify a song, find them below.

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Shazam is one of the most popular applications of the genre and offers some extra features. In addition to listening to music, you can identify artists by photographing album covers or posters with advertisements. The application provides a ranking with the most identified songs around the world, as well as offering integration with Facebook, Rdio and Deezer.

Positive points: Easily identify songs and provide lyrics, discography and album analysis. Recognition is achieved in maximum 4 seconds via Wi-Fi and 8 seconds via 3G.

Negative points: the application interface is not very intuitive and displays a lot of unnecessary information.

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MusicXmatch is an application that synchronizes song lyrics, but also offers song recognition. The MusicID option is hidden in the application options and works correctly when used. The identified songs are stored in the story accompanied only by the lyrics. Integration with music streaming services is not allowed, only with Google+ and Facebook.

Positives: customizable interface and compatibility with Android TV. The lyrics are displayed along with the artist information and the song name.

Negative points: slow and imperfect song recognition, not always. After a few identification attempts, the app answered us in 13 seconds on 3G and 10 seconds on Wi-Fi.

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SoundHound offers the same options as the apps mentioned above, however some features are worth highlighting. The identified music includes a photo of the artist and we also find social sharing options. SoundHound allows integration with Facebook and Rdio.

Positives: In addition to the basic information about the song, the app offers some videos that can be watched directly on SoundHound. Music recognition proved to be very efficient, able to identify a song in 3 seconds on Wi-Fi and 5 seconds on 3G.

Negative points: heavy interface and a lot of advertising in the free version.

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Music identifier

Music Identifier (no ads and free) is available on the Play Store. The application has three basic functions: identifying songs, world ranking of songs and the history of songs identified by the user. Music Identifier offers integration with Facebook and Spotify and allows the purchase of some songs through the store.

Positive points: Music Identifier shows the album cover or photo of the identified artist, as well as having a simple and intuitive interface.

Negative points: Music recognition was a bit slow, around 7 seconds on Wi-Fi and 9 on 3G.

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Conclusion: what is the best application to recognize a song with the smartphone?

When we need to find out the name of a song it is usually when we walk down the street, watch TV etc. Taking these aspects into consideration, the best service is the one that has practical functions and works well on 3G / 4G, since you will hardly be interested in watching videos or reading texts in the middle of the road.

In this comparison I choose Shazam as the best application for recognize a song with your smartphone. Shazam is lightweight and presents the most necessary functions in a simple and intuitive way.

So which app from our list have you tried on your Android?

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