How to play football on the tower

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How to play with the soccer ball in Destiny [Easter egg, PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3]


This is one of the first easter eggs discovered in Destiny, the soccer ball on the Tower.

How to play football on the tower

The soccer ball on the tower
From the point where you are born on the tower, head up the stairs on the far left. Go up the ramp, then turn right to find the balloon on the ground near some crates in a dimly lit area. Move towards the ball to make it bounce with respectable physics (well, let's be satisfied).

The big purple ball on the tower
In addition to the classic soccer ball, we can also use a bigger ball to spend some free time on the tower. This is found on crates, up the stairs to the right of the spawn point on the tower. Again, to interact just get close to the ball.

Don't forget to check out the Destiny cheats and guides tab for all the other guides on this game. Now watch the video to see exactly where the soccer ball and the red ball are.

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