How to play co-op in Bloodborne

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Bloodborne: How to Play Co-op [PS4 Co-op]


Why die alone when it is possible to have a friend die with you?

How to play co-op in Bloodborne

The Bloodborne co-op is slightly different than the one already seen in the other games of the "souls" series, here is what you have to do to play with a friend.

To allow other players to enter your world and join your game, you will need the campana "Beckoning Bell" which is obtained in the hunter's dream after the first boss. By using the bell you will be the host of the game, while whoever wants to join you (guest) will have to use the "Small Resonant Bell" and will play in your world.

Unlike the other games in the series it will therefore not be necessary to place a "sign", but you can continue to move and at the same time signal that you want to play cooperatively.

It is important to know that ONLY the players who are in the same area as you can join your game in a selection mechanism which is therefore quite random. But remember that, if you want to be with a particular friend, you can set a password for your session so that another user (to whom you have communicated this password) can enter it in turn and then participate in your game. Passwords can be up to 8 characters long and can only be used for Cooperative Play, not PvP sessions.

To stop looking for a partner to play or to "leave" a partner you already have you will need to use the "Silencing Blank".

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