How to perform all Mortal Kombat X Brutalities

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Mortal Kombat X: Complete Brutality Guide [command list + video]


If the gut festival you witnessed with Fatalities wasn't enough for you, know that there are also Brutalities.

How to perform all Mortal Kombat X Brutalities

In the list below you can see the button combinations to press for perform all the Brutalities of Mortal Kombat X. Unlike the Fatalities that are performed AFTER defeating the opponent (for more details refer to the complete fatality guide Mortak Kombat X), the Brutalities must always be performed in the last round but when there is still some health left to the opponent. Basically Brutality combo must be performed when the opponent is low on health, in order to kill him with Brutality itself.

If you perform the Brutality combo when the opponent still has a lot of health or when the fateful "Finish Him" ​​message has already appeared, nothing will happen! Also keep in mind that to perform the Brutality you must meet particular requirements that change from character to character and are indicated in the combo list of the character himself. Here is the list with all the Brutality of Mortal Kombat X and the relative key combinations to press to perform them.

The buttons for PS3 / PS4 are shown in the command list. If you play on Xbox One or 360 you just need to know that:





Cassie Cage

    Brutality (Between The Eyes): Indietro, Avanti,


    Brutality 1 (Migraine): Down, Back,
    Brutality 2: Down, Forward, + Parade
    Brutality 3: Down, Back, + Parade
    Brutality 4: Up, Down + L1, Back
    Brutality 5: L1 +  or +


    Brutality 1 (Nether Force): Up, Down, Back, + Parade
    Brutality 2 (We Win): Down, Back, or Down, Back +  + Parade
    Brutality 3: Back, Forward +
    Brutality 4: Back, Forward +
    Brutality 5: Back +

Erron Black

    Brutality 1 (Tunnel Vison): L1 +  or + or R2 +
    Brutality 2: Down, Back + ,
    Brutality 3: Down, Back, Forward +
    Brutality 4: Down, Back +
    Brutality 5: Down, Forward +


    Brutality 1 (Speed ​​Bag): Down, Back, Forward,
    Brutality 2 (Krush): Down, Up + Block
    Brutality 3 (Chest Bump): Back, Forward,
    Brutality 4 (Tail Spin): Down, Back, + Parade
    Brutality 5 (Shokan Flame): Back, Forward, + Parade

Ferra / Torr

    Brutality (Trample): Back, Forward,

Jacqui Briggs

    Brutality (Mind Blown): Back, Forward, + Parade


    Brutality: Back, Forward, , Below

Johnny Cage

    Brutality (Eye Popping): Back, Down,


    Brutality 1 (Ballin '): Up, Back, Forward, , Parade
    Brutality 2: Down, Back + , Parade
    Brutality 3: Down, Back + + Parade
    Brutality 4: Down, Forward +
    Brutality 5: Down, Forward, Back +


    Brutality 1: , ,
    Brutality 2: Down, Back +
    Brutality 3: Back, Forward + + Parade
    Brutality 4: Back, Forward +
    Brutality 5: L1 +  or + or R2 +


    Brutality: Back, Forward +

Kotal Kahn

    Brutality (Kotally Awesome): Down, Forward,

Kung jin

    Brutality (A Little Heart): Down, Forward,

Kung Lao

    Brutality: Down, Forward +

Liu Kang

    Brutality (Hot Head): Up, Back, Forward,


    Brutality (High Roller): Back, Down,

Quan Chi

    Brutality (Kurb Stomp): Down, Back, + Parade


    Brutality (SSuer Shocker): Down, Forward,


    Brutality (Acid Wash): Down, Forward,


    Brutality: Back, Forward + + Parata, Parata


    Brutality (Gory Hole): Back, Forward +

Sonya Blade

    Brutality (Thigh Master): Back, Forward +


    Brutality: Down, Forward, + Parade


    Brutality: L1 or Parade

We close the guide with a video that shows the execution of all the fatalities. Don't forget to consult the Mortal Kombat X cheats and guides tab for other useful guides on this game. Good fun!

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