How to perform all FIFA 14 celebrations

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FIFA 14 - 70+ Celebrations Guide: List, Controls, Videos and New Celebrations [360-PS3-PC]


FIFA 14 arrived in stores and we start with the series of guides dedicated to the 2014 version of the football simulation by EA with the complete list of all the celebrations, including the new ones, to the delight of those who cannot score a goal without mocking the opponent.

In the FIFA 14 tricks and guides tab you will find this and all the other guides that we will publish for this game in the coming days, do not forget to visit it.

How to perform all FIFA 14 celebrations

Below you can see a list and videos which show the countless exultations present in the game. The video also indicates the keys to press to perform each celebration, a combo that we also report in the list below for convenience.

The list also includes the new FIFA 14 celebrations (are those highlighted in BLUE): we find the dance of the chickens, the "Calma" by Cristiano Ronaldo, he Surf, the Gallop dance of G and others.

Let's not waste any more time and start immediately with the list of "celebrations", divided into "Exultations in the race" and "Final Exultations".

The buttons for PS3 are shown in the command list. If you play on Xbox 360 you just need to know that:








I also remind you that is the right analog stick. In all likelihood, these commands will also apply to FIFA 14 celebrations on Xbox One and PS4.

Please note: do you also want to learn how to score from a free kick or save penalties? We have a guide for that too, see the FIFA 14 tips and tricks tab.

Exultations in progress:

  • 1. Awards  - Unique Signature Celebrations (Balotelli or others)
  • 2. Press and hold  - One arm raised
  • 3. Press and hold  - Thumb in mouth (sucks thumb)
  • 4. Press and hold  - Turn your ear (exultation to Luca Toni)
  • 5. Awards  then Press and hold  - Point your finger
  • 6. Awards  then Press and hold  - Arms out
  • 7. Awards  then Press and hold  - Shake your hand (to: mamma mia)
  • 8. Press and hold - Airplane
  • 9. Press and hold Su - Point your fingers to the sky
  • 10. Press and hold Right - Shhhhh! Silence, everyone shut up
  • 11. Press and hold Down -- Phone
  • 12. Press and hold Left -- Can you hear me? (hand to ear)
  • 13. Awards Right then Press and hold Left - Hands out
  • 14. Awards Left then Press and hold Right - Come On! Let's go
  • 15. Awards Down then Press and hold Su - Send kisses
  • 16. Awards Su then Press and hold Down - Rotate your arms (alla: like an idiot)
  • 17. Awards Right then Press and hold Right - Hands folded, Amen (to: Pope Francis)
  • 18. Awards Left then Press and hold Left - Hand on your head
  • 19. Awards Down then Press and hold Down -- Heart symbol (exultation of: Pato)
  • 20. Awards Su then Press and hold Su - Arms raised to the sky
  • 21. Rotate clockwise - Rotate only one arm

Final celebrations:

  • 22. While holding  Awards  -- Indexes pointing to the sky
  • 23. While holding  Awards  -- Si tuffa a terra (belly flop)
  • 24. While holding  Awards  -- Wave with your arms
  • 25. While holding  Press twice  - Show respect, DON'T cheer
  • 26. While holding  Press twice  - Seated dance
  • 27. While holding  Press twice  -- Calm (to the audience, Cristiano Ronaldo)
  • 28. While holding  Hold down Su -- The bear
  • 29. While holding  Hold down Right - Archer (archery)
  • 30. While holding  Hold down Down -- Ride sitting on the ground (riding the cat)
  • 31. While holding  Hold down Left - Punches and parry
  • 32. While holding  Awards Down, Up - Slips on the chest
  • 33. While holding  Awards Up down -- Dance of the chickens
  • 34. While holding  Awards Left right - He shakes his head
  • 35. While holding  Awards Right left -- Muevelo (moves the ch * ulo)
  • 36. While holding  Awards Su, Su - Backward somersault (agile players only) or Arms towards the audience
  • 37. While holding  Awards Right, Right -- Patty cake
  • 38. While holding  Awards Down, Down -- Here I am (open arms, proud face)
  • 39. While holding  Wheel clockwise - Forward somersault (agile players only) or roll and punch
  • 40. While holding  Wheel counterclockwise - Double jump backwards (agile players only) or roll
  • 41. While holding  Awards -- Danza Gallop (Gangnam Style)
  • 42. While holding  Awards  - Shoe polish (shoe shine)
  • 43. While holding Awards  - Violinist
  • 44. While holding Awards  - Spanish Archer
  • 45. While holding Press twice  -- Movember
  • 46. While holding Press twice  - Hands to your ears
  • 47. While holding Press twice  - He bangs his heels in the air
  • 48. While holding Hold down Su - Slip on your knees and open arms
  • 49. While holding Hold down Right - I can't hear you (hand to ear)
  • 50. While holding Hold down Down - He slides to the side and lies down
  • 51. While holding Hold down Left - Falls to the ground dead (stone fall)
  • 52. While holding Awards Down, Up -- The circus Labelle (mino and somersault or other random ones)
  • 53. While holding Awards Up down - Slip on your knees and hit your chest
  • 54. While holding Awards Left right - Balla the samba
  • 55. While holding Awards Right left - Who am I (indicate number / name)
  • 56. While holding Awards Su, Su - Forward somersault (agile players only) or Torero
  • 57. While holding Awards Down, Down - He slides onto his knees and sits down
  • 58. While holding Awards Left, Left - Bird walk (hen's step)
  • 59. While holding Wheel clockwise - Rotate and jump (agile players only)
  • 60. While holding Wheel counterclockwise - Rotate and pike jump (agile players only)
  • 61. While holding Awards -- Robot
  • 62. While holding  Press twice  - Arms folded (why always me)
  • 63. While holding  Hold down Left - Surfboard (Surfer)
  • 64. While holding  Awards  -- Cane (pitbull)
  • 65. While holding  Awards  -- Military salute
  • 66. While holding  Press twice  -- Peacock
  • 67. While holding  Awards Left, Left -- Moowalk
  • 68. While holding Awards -- Oh if I caught you (Neymar, if I arrest you)
  • 69. While holding  Press twice  -- Basin to land
  • 70. While holding  Awards Down, Down - Machine gun
  • 71. While holding  Awards  - Professor scolds the pupils


Here is a video that shows in action all the celebrations listed in the guide (the video shows both the buttons for PS3 and those for Xbox 360)

This other video shows the new FIFA 14 celebrations (are those highlighted in BLUE in the list)

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