How to open the Great Safe

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Thief: Grand Safe combination code


Apparently the Great Vault of Thief is giving a lot of players a hard time. So let's see how to open this security giant.

How to open the Great Safe

Unlike many other safes in the game (follow the guide with the combinations to open them ALL) the Great Safe it must necessarily be open because otherwise we would not be able to continue the Thief campaign.

The Great Safe is located in Chapter 4 and the exact combination to open it is found in the first part of the chapter, in architect's office. Remember to reset the locking mechanism before entering the code. To do this, press the button on the side of the safe and then immediately press the other button on the opposite side.

If you have not found the password in the game, I write them below: there are two, one must be entered on the left side and the other on the right side:

319 on the left / 018 on the right

Here is also a video showing how to proceed.

NOTE: remember that in the Thief tricks and guides tab you will find the guide with the combinations of ALL the safes in the game, the guide to all the collectibles and many others.

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