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In a few lines I'll explain how to merge videos online for free. We will explain how to merge two videos into one, so that you can create a single video using two that you have recorded. It's a good way to make compositions a bit longer in case you've recorded an event in pieces and want to create a single video. We explain the method for joining two videos, but you can use even more.

We will start by explaining how to do this in Windows 10, since it is the most used desktop operating system on new computers and has a native application that allows you to do it without complicating your life and without installing anything. So in the end we will tell you how it is possible to do this online as well.

How to merge videos online for free

If you have a Windows computer, you won't need any third party applications to join videos. All you have to do is open the Photos application which comes pre-installed in Windows 10. Once inside, click the Select button which will appear at the top of the toolbox.

When you click Select, a new options bar will appear. In it, click on New video and choose the New video project option which will be displayed first. With it, you will begin the process of composing a video from the snippets you have.

Now, what you need to do is move the videos you want to join to the Project Library that you will see on the screen of the Photos application that appears to compose the video. You can do this by dragging videos from a folder or by clicking the Add button.

Time drag the two videos you want to merge into the bottom bar of the application, where there is the storyboard with which you will organize the order of the videos that you will use to create a single resulting video. In this tutorial we focus on two videos, but you can merge as many as you want.

If you wish, you can use the application tools to add effects, audio, curtains between videos or background music. But if you just want to merge the two videos, click the Stop Video button after adding both at the bottom.

A new screen will open where you have to choose the video quality. Once done, press the Export button to save the video resulting from joining the other two. A window will open to choose where to save it and with what name.

The best video joining app

And the second option is to use one of the many video joining programs available on the Internet. The mechanics in all of them, at least in those that have the function of joining videos like Clideo is the same. First of all, you need to select the videos you want to merge.

Then you will go to an editing screen which may vary depending on the web. In it you can choose the order of the videos and choose the format in which you want the resulting video to be. Then you have to press on the Merge button.

The bad part is that many of these websites to join videos online for free, put a watermark or a logo and usually ask you to register in exchange for their removal. It's also important to look at other details, such as whether your website has space or resolution limits. In what we have used there are no such limits, but it asks us to register to remove the watermark.

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