How to maximize your fleet

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How to create an invincible fleet in Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3-PC]


Guide inserted by Supercecc98.

How to maximize your fleet

This proto-guide of mine explains how to form an invincible fleet through the (only momentary) use of tricks.

First you need to have some specific tricks: the most important is the fourth, "terror of the seven seas", but it is also very useful to have the invincibility trick "the dead do not speak" and also "armed to the teeth", because we are going to face level 60 vessels (to unlock them follow the guide to the cheats of Assassin's Creed 4). Obviously if we would have unlocked all the docks in the kenway fleet (there are 15) the procedure will prove more effective.
1) activate the tricks just described.
2) With four swords of fame we will meet a galleon of level 60 and frigate, we ignore the frigate and mark the galleon through the telescope (if you do it from the map the ships will disappear), attack the galleon and then board it, conquer it and send it to kenway fleet.

Repeat this process 15 times then deactivate the cheats. Don't worry, when you go to the kenway fleet the galleons will be there waiting for you.

These galleons are the strongest ships in the fleet as they will have power 70, speed 30, hold 90, that is, the first and third circles will be complete. With these ships it will be a breeze to clear any route and complete any mission for the fleet.

Thanks to Supercecc98 for the guide

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