How to make money with shares on the stock market

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GTA 5: How to Make Money on the Stock Exchange [360-PS3]


In the guide to earn money in GTA 5 we have already seen several ways to accumulate money in the various businesses of Los Santos. If you are already advanced and have a nice nest egg, you can use it to invest in the stock market and earn more money, a lot of money.

How to make money with shares on the stock market

Access the internet with your mobile phone and click on "Finances and Services". Here you will find several stock exchange sites where you can buy and sell stocks. Investing in stocks can be a matter of luck, and sometimes it can even go wrong by losing money ... or you can influence the market by earning huge profits !!!

Take advantage of the rivalry between companies

Yes, you can do this by taking advantage of the rivalry and competition between the various Los Santos companies. As you continue to play the missions (especially Lester's) you will find that there are strong rivalries and fierce competition between the companies in the country. Once you find out which companies are rivaling each other, you can damage a company by causing the inevitable increase in the value of the shares of its direct competitor, shares that you have obviously just bought !!! Let's give some examples:

- Takobomb and Cluckin'Bell are competitors. Purchase Takobomb's stock, then go to Paleto Bay in the Cluckin'Bell depots and destroy as many of the company's vehicles as possible. With the damage done to Cluckin'Bell, competitor Takobomb's shares will rise in value. Resell them to collect more money than you spent on buying them.

- AirEmu and FlyUS are Los Santos' two competing airlines. Buy the shares of one of the two, go to the airport and destroy the planes of the other. Also in this case your shares will take on value, resell them immediately to make cash.

The same goes for the oil companies RonOil and LTDOil and others. Obviously, the more shares you buy, the greater the profit when you resell them at a higher price.

Take advantage of the assassin missions

Here the gain is even greater and above all guaranteed. In the Assassination missions that Lester will entrust to Franklin you will have to take out selected targets. These targets are competitors of the companies listed below. So all you have to do is buy the shares of these companies:

  • Mission # 1 (Murder at the Hotel) - As soon as the target is killed buy Betta Pharmaceuticals (BAWSAQ)
  • Mission # 2 (Multiple Assassination) - As soon as the target is killed, buy the Debonaire shares (LCN)
  • Assassin Mission # 3 - As soon as the target is killed, buy Fruit's stock (BAWSAQ)
  • Assassin Mission # 4 - ATTENTION! in this mission when you kill the target the Vapid shares will go down a lot, so DO NOT buy them immediately but wait a couple of days, when they start to go up buy them to get 100% profit (we thank Vincent, Ciano, Matteo and the other users who helped to correct this passage)
  • Assassin's Creed # 5 - Buy GoldCoast (LCN) Shares

after you have bought the shares their value will start to rise !!! Go to the shelter and sleep to pass the time. After sleeping, check your wallet on the stock exchange website to see when you are making money. Go back to sleep, and repeat until you see that the percentage of the return stops increasing (usually it takes 2-3 days in the game, it can even go up to 70%). When the yield stops rising, sell the shares to pocket the accumulated profit. To maximize your earnings, buy the shares with all 3 characters and above all do a safety save so you can restore everything if something goes wrong.

There are other ways to get rich, check out the guide to making money in GTA 5.

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