How to make money in GTA Online

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GTA Online: Tricks to Earn Money [360-PS3]


We have already seen the best ways and tricks to earn money in the GTA 5 single-player campaign, how about gear up to scrape together some cash in GTA Online multiplayer too?

How to make money in GTA Online

In this guide, we see a couple of ways to earn easy money playing GTA V online.

Making money with robberies

1. Enter the restricted area of ​​the airport through the fence near the flight school, or climb the steps closely. Inside you will find three parked helicopters.

2. Use the helicopters to start a series of robberies. Land outside the shops and be sure to park so that you are sheltered from a possible shootout with the shop assistants. Rob the store and then rush to your helicopter for an easy escape.

3. Robberies in Los Santos can be very dangerous due to the immediate response from the police, but using a helicopter will make it easier. This way you will earn XP and several thousand dollars for every shop burgled.

Earning money with stolen cars

1. Drive to Vinewood and locate a Los Santos Custom store. A new feature in GTA Online allows players to sell stolen cars for a good profit.

2. The profit depends on how damaged the car is and the quality of the car, but keep in mind that the most expensive sports or luxury cars will not be accepted. 

Here are the cars that will make you the most, but in general any mid-range car is fine:

  • Benefactor Dubsta (7,000)
  • Baller (9,000)
  • Benefactor Schwartzer (8,000)
  • Ocelot F620 (8,000)
  • Lampadati Felon (9,500)

3. Also remember that stolen cars can only be sold to Los Santos Customs during the day (approximately 48 real minutes), and ONLY one car per day. To see how much you will earn with a particular machine, visit For an undamaged car the shop will pay you 10% of the list price.

Here are a couple of videos on the subject


The best missions to earn money

In GTA Online, new missions will become available as you level up. Here we indicate the most profitable ones, which allow you to earn more money. Unfortunately with the latest patch the option to repeat missions has been disabled. But it seems that you can keep doing this by repeatedly pressing (don't have to hold it down) the RT button on Xbox 360 (R2 on PS3) when the countdown ends after the mission ends. 

- One of the first good missions to earn money is available after reaching level 6. Call Gerarld in the contacts and accept the mission for the delivery of drugs. In just a few minutes, you will earn $ 3.000.

- Violent Duct (Required Level: 15, Earnings $ 9,000)
On easy difficulty you will do much sooner. You can also avoid being slaughtered with weapons and stealth, saving more time. Preferable to play with friends, but remember that the host must be at least level 15.

- Down the Drain (Guadagno $3,000)
An easy race to earn $ 3.000 easy easy.

- American Cycle (Guadagno $6,000)
With this race you will improve your endurance and you will earn a lot of easy money.

- Boneyard (Earnings $ 20,000)
It's a survival mission provided by Trevor. It won't be easy if the character is a novice, but it does make a lot of money. Follow this video for tips and strategies.

- Mixed up with Coke (Level required: 45, Earnings $ 700.000 per hour)
You will receive this mission from Martin Madrazzo at level 45 and in just 60 seconds you will earn $ 18.000. Follow this Mixed up with Coke mission guide.

- Rooftop Rumble (Level required: 75, Earnings $ 2.000.000 per hour)
You will receive this mission from Martin Madrazzo at level 75 and by continuing to repeat the mission you will earn 2.000.000 in one hour of play. Follow this Rooftop Rumble mission guide.

 Of course, there are other ways to make money in GTA Online. These are the simplest, the ones that will allow you to make your first supplies of ammunition and upgrades for weapons.

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