How to make dinosaurs

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Lego Jurassic World: guide to customize Dinosaurs [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3-PC]


Let's see where the dinosaur breeding center is located!

How to make dinosaurs

In Lego Jurassic World it is possible create different types of Dinosaurs and customize them with a special tool that allows you to modify various features. To do it first of all you will need the Amber Bricks, in fact, only by finding these bricks will the slots of the different Dinosaur races that can be created will be unlocked. I therefore recommend that you follow:

the guide to unlock all the dinosaurs of Lego Jurassic World where you can see exactly where all the amber bricks are;
the guide to the red bricks of Lego Jurassic World with which you will discover how to activate the "searcher of amber bricks" trick that will make the search even easier.

Once you have the amber bricks, go to the breeding center located on main street behind the triangular building to immediately start creating your own dinosaurs as shown in the video above!

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