How to level up quickly in COD 4

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Call of Duty Ghosts: how to level up fast online


In this guide dedicated to the multiplayer mode of Call of Duty Ghosts we will give some tips to earn as many experience points as possible by playing online in order to level up quickly and immediately have access to the best weapons and equipment.

How to level up quickly in COD 4

Let's say right away that the main factor affecting Call of Duty Ghosts' multiplayer rank climbing speed (like any other online shooter) is the skill of the player which, in turn, depends mainly on training and practice. That said, whether you are a Call of Duty "PRO" or if until yesterday you spent your free time crocheting, the advice we are about to give could still be useful to earn even more experience points in less time and accumulate one later. the other various "prestige".

1) The game mode
First of all it is advisable to understand which are the game modes that allow you to earn a lot of XP. One of these is undoubtedly "Cranked". The reason is the speed with which kills are repeated: it is always played in small maps and contact with enemies is even more frequent than in the other modes. Not only that, every player who makes a kill gets the "cranked" bonus and is forced to carry out another within 30 seconds, under penalty of death. With the bonus, the speed in moving and reloading will increase, all factors that do nothing but speed up the pace of the game. More kills = more XP earned.

Another great game mode to earn a lot of XP is definitely "Search & Rescue". In this mode, every kill, confirmation or denial will earn you 250 XP, while placing or defusing the bomb will give you 500 XP. Not only that, after killing an enemy you can collect his dog tag to earn more XP. As you can see, there are so many experience points up for grabs for a game that lasts 6-8 minutes on average.

Finally, the mode is also recommended Squads. In this mode, although there is the possibility of facing enemies controlled by human players, in most cases you will find yourself fighting against CPU-controlled bots, which are generally less difficult than opponents in the flesh. The good news is that all experience points earned in this mode count exactly as those earned in "normal" online modes.

2) Lower your kill streak targets
Unless you're a real tank and don't crack before you've made at least 4-5 kills, it's much better to pick some lower kill streak bonuses. True, the gadgets you can use will certainly not be as cool as those unlocked with 7 or more kills in a row, but you will still earn bonus XP for completing the kill streak, and if you are aiming to level up this is what matters. .

3) Change weapons often
Playing Call of Duty Ghosts like any other online shooter happens to have a certain feeling with a particular weapon, or at most 2 or 3. But if you want to earn a lot of XP in a short time you will have to strive to change the weapons used more often. . As you surely know, for each weapon there are different challenges to complete in terms of kills made with the same weapon and the like. If you continue to play with the same one at some point the challenges to be completed will end, and you will lose the opportunity to complete these challenges with other weapons and earn the related bonuses in experience points. Not only that, by completing these challenges you will always unlock new ones camouflages and customizations for your weapons, you really want to miss the chance to walk around with a GOLD shotgun?

4) Watch out for orders in the field
In online games it happens that a killed player loses a blue suitcase containing the "field orders". These consist of small challenges like killing two enemies in the back or killing someone while jumping. The rewards for completing orders in the field are a reward for a random kill streak, a team point and a 200 XP bonus. The benefit is therefore also indirect, because by getting the attack by random kill streak you will most likely carry out other kills, thus earning more XP.

5) Complete Operations / Challenges
Always keep an eye on the Operations / Challenges of the online menu. These are challenges that we change every 2 weeks, and can be unlocked in any game mode for a lot of extra XP. Often players tend to ignore these challenges, but if you want to quickly rank up, don't make this mistake yourself. Operations are generally quite simple, such as running a certain number of miles with the "Marathon Runner" perk equipped. A minimal effort that will earn you more experience points.

With this we are done. The comments are at your disposal to share your tips and tricks for quickly leveling up Call of Duty Ghosts with everyone else. Consult the fact sheet COD Ghosts tricks for other guides on this game.

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