How to level up and increase Notoriety fast

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For Honor: how to level up and increase Notoriety quickly [PS4 - Xbox One - PC]


In this guide we see in detail how to raise notoriety in For Honor and how it works.

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If you are playing For Honor, perhaps it is not yet very clear to you how "fame" works in the game. The concept is very simple to understand and, if you have already played the multiplayer mode of the Call of Duty series, it will be even more so since The Notoriety of For Honor corresponds to what we call Prestige in Activision titles.

If you don't even know how prestige works let's say it in very simple words: you can only rise to level 1 of notoriety when you reach level 20 with your character. This will result in resetting all of the character's progress back to level 1 and making him lose everything that has been earned.

It can go on like this, by resetting the stats of the character every time you reach level 20 and gaining more and more notoriety, up to the maximum degree of Notoriety which is currently set at level 30.

If at a first evaluation this may seem anything but convenient, you should know that having a high degree of Notoriety brings enormous advantages.

With a higher Notoriety rank, you will have better equipment increasing the chances of dropping rarer and more valuable loot from packages you buy with credits.

How to level up and increase Notoriety fast

From what has just been said, it is evident that the advancement in notoriety is linked to the advancement in the levels of the character. And the best way to quickly level up in For Honor is to complete contracts.

What are the contracts? They are randomly generated missions that ask you to complete particular objectives in the course of games, such as making a certain number of kills in a particular way or something. In the multiplayer mode menu you can check at any time which contracts are available for you and decide which ones to accept, obviously bet on the ones that best suit your way of playing.

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