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If you are unsure whether your Android phone has NFC or not, find out all the ways we can check for this feature. NFC is a feature found in a large number of Android phones. It is increasingly common in the market, being especially important when making mobile payments.

Although it is a very common feature in phones, there are users who are not entirely sure if their smartphone has this feature. How to know if my mobile has NFC? There are several ways to know this and therefore be able to start using this feature on your phone, especially if you are interested in using mobile payments with your device, although it can be exploited a thousand ways.

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Quick settings

One of the quickest ways to see if you have NFC on your phone is from quick settings. Many Android devices usually introduce the option to turn it on or off from the quick settings, for more convenient use of this feature. Therefore, you can use this method to know in seconds whether it is available or not.

Enough scroll through the quick settings menu phone by swiping down on the phone screen. You can see the complete menu, with all its options. It is normal that one of the options is the one called NFC.

Phone settings

The fact that NFC does not appear in the quick settings means nothing. We may have this feature on the phone, but it's not shown in the quick settings. Where it should be displayed it's in the android settings, where it usually has its own section. Another reliable and easy way to access this information and thus know if our phone has this feature or not. The steps for this are simple:

  • Open your phone settings.
  • Enter the connections section.
  • Look for the NFC option.
  • Enter this section
  • Activate the option to make it available.

Sections can change something depending on the level of customization. In some it is within the connections section, in others it may have its own section. In any case, if you have any doubts about the specific location, use the search engine found in the settings and you can find that section more quickly.

Android applications

If for some reason these first two methods do not convince you or you are still not completely sure, you can use Android applications. There are applications that there provide information about the hardware of the phone, then show the functions available within it. Therefore, we can use them to know if we have NFC in the device, as a last resort to definitively get out of doubts.

In the Play Store we can find several available that will fulfill this function. Device Info HW is one of them, which will provide us with data on the phone, including the presence of NFC or not. So it is a fairly simple application to use. The application can be downloaded for free on the phone.

Another application which is very easy to use and which will fulfill this purpose is NFC Enabled?, Whose purpose is to show if we have this feature on the phone and whether it is available or activated. So we can also use it in case we want to know if we have NFC on the phone or not. This application is available for free in the Play Store.

Phone specifications

Another option that we can use at any time is check the device specifications. Whether on the manufacturer's website or on websites like ours, if your phone has NFC, that's something that is mentioned in its official specs. It's a simple method, just search Google to access this information. We can always use this method if we still have doubts.

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