How to kill the Titans

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Titanfall - The best weapons to kill the Titans


My name is David, and I will show you now, dear Goliath.

How to kill the Titans

Playing as pilots the Titans will represent the greatest threat on the battlefield with incredible firepower that can wipe out anyone in the blink of an eye.

Here is an overview of the anti-titan weapons which should be used to take down the titans and be able to tell your grandchildren the story of when you killed a giant robot.

Archer Heavy Rocket
Fires an incredibly powerful rocket that does great damage, but must be locked on target before firing, which will make you more vulnerable. This weapon does not require manual shooting, so use it only if you have good cover that will protect you during target acquisition.
Cover, takeover, fire - cover, takeover, fire - repeat until you dismantle it. This weapon is obviously not effective against pilot or AI controlled enemies.

Offers very rapid fire. The magazine capacity is very good and therefore becomes effective if you manage to hit the long bursts of shots. This will force the Titan to reload the shield giving you the chance to mate it permanently.
The Sidewinder is also effective against pilots. It doesn't deal much damage, but thanks to its high rate of fire it becomes a fearsome weapon in the hands of the most skilled.

Mag Launcher
Launch the magnetic grenades that attach to the titan before exploding. For this characteristic it is an excellent anti-titan weapon, your skill will serve to compensate for the low range and the very weak accuracy. Unlocks at level 22.

Charge rifle
This shotgun fires an energy beam that causes great damage. Using this weapon, however, you will have to have good timing: the charge rifle takes a long time to reload and fires only when fully charged (and remains fully charged only for a few moments). It is obviously difficult to tame, but it will give you great satisfaction when you hit the target. This weapon unlocks at level 33.

With that is all. If you have any other advice for those who crave the blood of the titans, please use the comments at the bottom of the page. Also check out the Unlockable Weapons Guide to find out how to unlock the most powerful weapons.

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