How to install MAC on Windows using Virtualbox

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It is 2018 and numerous operating systems are available on the internet. Undoubtedly in this, Windows is the most used operating system. But that doesn't mean other operating systems aren't good. If you are thinking of switching from Windows to Mac, then perhaps you are looking for a way, to try Mac OS. Or maybe you want to use mac software, which isn't available for Windows.

How to install MAC on Windows using Virtualbox

Whatever the reason, in the end, you want to run Mac on Windows.

The first time, when I thought about installing MacOS on Windows, the first thing that came to my mind was: is it possible? Officially Apple does not provide any Mac OS ISO files, but you can download them from some third party sites. There are two ways to install and run MacOS on Windows PC.

IMPORTANT - Before trying any method, the first thing you should know is that Apple's license for macOS does not allow installation on non-Apple hardware.

So let's see how to install MAC on Windows using Virtualbox

First method: create a Hackintosh.

What is Hackintosh?

A Hackintosh is non-Apple hardware, which behaves like Apple hardware and made to run macOS. It could be built on a computer.

After setting up the hardware, the next thing is: create a bootable drive to install Mac OS.

Note: But you can only create a boot drive using MacOS, with the help of UniBeast. That's why I don't prefer this method for running Mac OS on PC.

Second method: create a MacOS X virtual machine.

This is the best method to run Mac on Windows, you don't need any Mac or MacOS hardware. And, the best part about creating the virtual machine is, you don't need to remove the current OS and no external drives required.

What things do you need, to run MacOS on Windows PC.

- PC with 64-bit windows, dual-core processor (Intel / AMD) and minimum 4 GB of RAM. (VT-x support required)
- Virtualization software - You can use VirtualBox or VMware Workstation.
- MacOS X ISO file

Run MAC on Windows.

This method works with all Mac OS ISO files, and in this article, I'm using Mac OS Sierra 10.12.

Run virtual mac on windows - VirtualBox.

Step: 1 Download and install the VirtualBox software on your Windows computer. Now open it, then click the new button to create a new virtual machine.

Step: 2 The virtual machine installation will ask you to enter the machine name, OS type and version.

You can enter anything in the name, but in the OS type and version choose this -

Mac OS X
Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan (64 bit)

Note : Always choose the lower version of the ISO file available. And if you have 32-bit ISO, then go for the 32-bit version. Here I have Mac OS X Sierra 10.12, that's why I am selecting version 10.11 to run OS smoothly.

Step: 3 In the next window, the virtual software will ask you to select the RAM for the virtual machine.

The minimum RAM required to run Mac on Windows is 4GB. But if your computer has 4GB total RAM, you can allocate 2GB (2048MB) to the virtual machine.

Step: 4 After selecting the RAM, now is the time to create a virtual hard drive. Select the “Create a virtual hard drive now” option and then click the Create button.

How to install MAC on Windows using Virtualbox

- Choose VDI (VirtualBox disk image) and click Next.
- Choose dynamically assigned and click Next.

Now, the installer will ask you to allocate the hard drive size, you can select between 50 and 100GB, then click Next.

Step: 5 Right-click on the virtual machine created with Mac OS, then select the settings option.

- First, click on system and uncheck the floppy option.
- Then click on the processor and choose 2 CPUs. (Dual core required to run Mac OS)
- After selecting 2 CPUs, go to the display settings section and select 128MB of video memory.

Step: 6 Add ISO File - Click on Storage Devices, then you can see the blank option, right click on it and then choose the “Remove Attachment” option.

- Click the “+” icon to add a new storage space and then select Add SATA controller to add.
- Then choose the third option to add new storage space and then choose “Add Optical Drive”.
- Now use the “Choose disk” option to select the Mac OS ISO file you downloaded, click OK.

If you downloaded the macOS files from my link, you will get the VirtualBox VM settings text file. To run Mac OS without errors you need to apply the settings mentioned in that text file.

Apply the VirtualBox settings.

- First, open the VirtualBox VM settings text file in notepad ++.
- Press Ctrl + F key and then click the Replace button.

- Now, replace "VM Name" with "MacOS Sierra 10.12" (Or use the name you entered when creating the virtual machine)

To apply these settings, it appears in the text file. Open the command prompt and then copy and paste these commands, one by one and press Enter.


To run Mac on Windows, right-click the Mac OS virtual machine you created, then select Start> Normal Startup. (First, it will take a few minutes to check all the details and hardware.)

Note - Close all other running Windows programs while using the Mac OS virtual machine.

- Select the option "Use English or Spanish for primary language" then click the start button.

- Now, from the MacOS File menu, select Utilities> Disk Utility> Click VBOX HARDDISK MEDIA> Click the Clear button> Enter OS Name (MacOS Sierra 10.12) and click the Clear button.

How to install MAC on Windows using Virtualbox

After wiping the VirtualBox hard drive, close the utilities menu, then click the Continue button.
In the next windows you will be prompted for a license agreement, click Continue> then click the Accept button.

Now the disk selection menu will appear, choose macOS Sierra and click Continue.

After clicking continue, the installation process will begin and will take a few minutes or an hour depending on your computer hardware. You are almost done installing MAC on Windows using Virtualbox.

At the end of the installation process, Mac OS will ask you for some things like: Country, keyboard language, location services and Apple ID. Set all things and then you can use MacOS on your Windows PC.

Conclusion - Run Mac on Windows.

We just finished talking about how to install MAC on Windows using Virtualbox. This is the best method to install Mac OS on PC using Virtual Machine. If you follow the guide correctly, you will not receive any errors. But if you have trouble installing or running Mac OS on your Windows PC, let's talk about it in the comment box below.

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