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    How to insert and remove the SIM on Samsung Galaxy S9

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    This tutorial tells you how to insert (or eject) the SIM card and microSD card on the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 +. The phone was just announced at MWC 2018, and this week Samsung will start pre-orders for both phones in most countries around the world.

    Once the brand new Samsung Galaxy S9 / Galaxy S9 Plus lands in our hands, the first thing we need to do is open the SIM slot and make your mobile connection work, after all phones are also used for making phone calls.

    In terms of overall design, the Samsung Galaxy S9 is similar to the Galaxy S8 or Galaxy Note 8 and their previous models. The SIM card slot is located on the top of the phone next to the second microphone. All you need to do is find the slot and open it using a thin pin or the SIM eject tool found inside the box.

    This isn't very difficult to accomplish, however, even as people keep searching the internet for how to proceed. Let's take a look at the SIM / microSD card slot found on the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Samsung Galaxy S9 + phones.

    How to insert and remove the SIM on Samsung Galaxy S9

    As shown in the diagram above, the microSD and SIM card tray is located at the top of the phone. Samsung has placed the slot in this position since the very ancient Samsung Galaxy S6 when it first adopted this combination of glass and metal design.

    If you have connected any of the official Samsung Galaxy S9 accessories on your device, you will need to remove it first.

    Before proceeding, make sure you have the nano SIM card.

    Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 + only support nano SIM cards. Other sizes will not fit in this slot / tray.

    Samsung Galaxy S9: How to insert, eject the SIM / MicroSD card

    Both phones, Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus, have a hybrid dual SIM card slot. This means that you can insert up to two SIM cards or insert a single SIM card and add an optional microSD card to expand the phone memory. Then, to insert a microSD card, you will need to open the SIM card tray / slot again and insert the card into it.

    Step 1: Find the SIM / microSD card slot on your phone.

    Step 2: Find the SIM eject tool in the box of your Samsung Galaxy S9 / Galaxy S9 +.

    Step 3 - Insert the eject tool into the hole on the slot tray. Push it slowly until the tray pops out.

    NOTE: : Be careful not to insert the eject tool into the microphone hole located next to the SIM / microSD card slot.

    Step 4 - Gently pull the tray out of the slot.

    NOTE: Note that there are two slots in this tray. As mentioned above, you can use two SIM cards in the Samsung Galaxy S9 or you can use a single SIM card in combination with a microSD card.

    Step 5: Place the SIM card at the bottom and the microSD card at the top of the tray, with the gold contacts facing down.

    Step 6 - Now insert the SIM card / memory card tray back into the slot.

    Make sure the tray is fully inserted and is inserted equal to the rest of the phone body. If the tray is not pushed in correctly or is left open accidentally, there is a risk of water and dust entering the slot. This is usually the number one reason for water damage in a phone.

    Final report: The Samsung Galaxy S9 / Galaxy S9 Plus are IP68 rated for dust and water resistance. To maintain the water and dust resistant features of the device, make sure the openings of the SIM card / memory card tray are kept free of dust and water and that the tray is inserted firmly before any exposure to liquids.

    You are now ready to start using your new Samsung Galaxy S9. Leave us a comment below if you experience any problems or problems with the network not being recognized or related to the SIM.

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