How to increase the total military power?

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Mass Effect 3 - How to Increase Effective Military Power [Supreme Commander Guide]

One of the most important innovations introduced in Mass Effect 3 concerns the concept of Military Power and Responsiveness. In this guide we see how they work and what to do to see them increase, as in addition to unlocking the "Supreme Commander" achievement / trophy, these are very important factors that even influence the game's ending.

On board the Normandy by accessing the military operations terminal you will see three indicators:

- Total Military Strength (PMT)
- Reactivity (R)
- Effective Military Power (PME)

How to increase the total military power?

The PMT will increase over the course of the game as you progress through the main story, completing side missions and scanning the Galaxy for resources. The more you delve into these aspects, the greater your PMT will be. To reach very high PMT values ​​it is advisable to play a second game in "New Game +" mode by importing the save games from the previous one.

How to increase responsiveness?

Initial Reactivity is always 50% and can ONLY be increased by playing Mass Effect 3's cooperative multiplayer mode, there are no other ways. The fastest way to make it go up is to play random games on Bronze difficulty, but remember that if you stop after reaching a certain percentage it will start to decrease after a while.

How to increase the Effective Military Strength?

First of all, keep in mind that the Effective Military Strength is nothing more than the Total Military Strength multiplied by the percentage of Reactivity.

if you have 3000 PMT and the Reactivity is 50%, then the PME will be 1500 (ie 50% of 3000).

It is possible to have a good PME even without playing online, but, as seen in the example above, in this case you will have to accumulate much more PMT since it will then be halved due to your Reactivity equal to 50%. If you bring the Reactivity to 100% all your PMT will be transformed into PME, thus obtaining very high values.

How to unlock the achievement / trophy
"Supreme Commander"

To unlock this achievement, your Effective Military Strength must be greater than 4.000 before starting the "Priority: Cerberus Headquarters" mission. If you do not play online and your Reactivity remains at 50% you will therefore have to accumulate at least 8.000 PMT points to unlock the result, a difficult but not impossible task. To make things easier for you, play online and increase your Reactivity.

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