How to increase the level of the Virus resistance filter

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The Division: how to increase the level of the Virus protection filter [PS4 - Xbox One - PC]


In The Division it is necessary to raise the level of resistance to the Virus to be able to access all contaminated areas. In this regard, one might think that having better gas masks would solve the problem, but in fact this is not the case.

How to increase the level of the Virus resistance filter

First of all it is good to know that the additional protection we are about to see in this guide is only for those who venture into the Dark Zone AFTER passing level 10.

After a few missions in the story, the medical wing inside the base unlocks. This is one of the wings of your base where passive upgrades develop. It is here that you can develop the Virus Protection Protection that will be needed to access the highest level quarantine areas.

There are three skills that have this particular attribute: Pharmacy, Virus Lab, and Hazmat Unit.

The cheapest is the "Pharmacy" which will probably be the first you want to unlock. To unlock the Hazmat unit, the most powerful when it comes to virus protection, you must first unlock the Virus Lab which costs 500. Together with the laboratory you will also get the healing robot, the object of undoubted quality on the battlefield.

I close the guide by reminding you that if you want to see what your current level of protection against the virus is, you can check the character screen. Go under the heading Exploration and you will see the level of your filter against the virus.

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