How to increase the happiness of the settlements

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Fallout 4: How to Increase Settlement Happiness to 100% [PS4 - Xbox One - PC]


Let's make our colonists the happiest in the Commonwealth !!

How to increase the happiness of the settlements

In this new guide dedicated to Fallout 4 we will not only see how it works and how to raise happiness in the game's settlements, but also how to get 100% happiness to unlock the "Dear Leader" trophy which asks precisely to get the maximum happiness in a large settlement.

First of all we recommend choosing Sanctuary as it is a good broad settlement. The requirements for maximum happiness are as follows:

- at least 15 people in the settlement (20+ recommended)
- beds, food and water for each person present, therefore:
--- at least 15 food (20+ recommended)
--- at least 15 water (20+ recommended)
--- at least 15 beds (20+ recommended)
- defense more than double the sum of food + water + beds (140+ recommended), use only automatic turrets
- 20+ level 3 medical center clinics
- the food must never be in the red, so put 3-4 people to work on the food
- all the others must be put to work in the medical centers, no one should be doing nothing

When you have everything arranged as indicated above, stay in the settlement and you will see the happiness gradually rise, stay there until happiness reaches 100%. It is very important not to leave the settlement because when it comes out, happiness undergoes changes ... downwards. It is unclear if this is intended or a bug, but it is! It will take several (real) hours of waiting in the settlement to get to 100%, so you can leave the console on and go and do something else.

The level 3 medical centers cost 1800 caps each, a big expense then, but they are the key to speeding up happiness in the settlement. You can also decide to build level 1 or 2 medical centers (they cost less) but know that with these you will not reach 100%, but you will only get close.

Considering the large expense in caps that entails, I therefore recommend leaving this trophy for last, when you can sell a lot of your stuff. The alternative you can also take advantage of the tricks to earn infinite caps in Fallout 4.

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