How to import Google contacts to iCloud

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How to import Google contacts to iCloud, you have all your contacts stored in your Google / Gmail account. You want to have them all synced to your iPhone or iPad, but you need to import them from your iCloud. How to do?

By default, if the appropriate settings are enabled, any contacts you add to your iPhone / iPad will be synced to iCloud. However, many users find that if they import contacts with Gmail (with the addition of a Google account), they may not be able to do so on iCloud.

The simplest solution is to do everything on the computer. This is exactly what we will explain to you in this tutorial.

How to import your Google contacts to your iCloud account

Export contacts from Google

  • On your computer, open your browser and go to:
  • Log in to your account
  • Click on “More” from the top
  • And then Export
  • Select "vcf" from the options for the export format.
  • Export the file. Save it to a location that you can easily access.

Import into iCloud

  • Go to
  • Click on Contacts
  • Click the gear icon (bottom left)
  • Now, click Import from vCard
  • Select the vCard you just downloaded (exported) from Google.

That's all. You now have your Google contacts imported to iCloud.

Any device connected to this iCloud account will have all contacts synced. If you have your Google contacts synced, you may find duplicates. In this case, you can remove the Google account or simply turn off "Contacts" from within Settings → Mail, Contact & Calendars → Google account →.

Once you shut down or remove your Google account, all your contacts will disappear. What if you want your Google account to stay connected anyway? You could simply disable the contacts with the switch (as mentioned above) or you can remove the account and then add it again, this time, by turning off the contacts.

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