How to have iPhone emojis on your Android phone

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A few days ago the new iPhones were released. You saw it in the hand of a friend, it's beautiful. Yes, but it costs an eye. You wanted to look closely at him and noticed that the emojis he sent in the messaging application were different. You tried to send smilies with your app, but you had to give up ...

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No, your Android is not inferior to the iPhone, only today the new iPhones are equipped with truly mythical emojis. Don't worry because this is an easily solved problem. I invite you to stop for a moment to read this article in which I speak of like having iPhone emojis on your android phone.

Are you tired of always sharing the same emojis with your contacts? Including Bored of Blob, the little yellow paté? Android allows you to choose your emojis. Here you are how to install iphone emoji on android. The guide is very simple, be careful because with some methods you may need root permissions.

In this regard, by clicking on this link you will be taken to a section full of root methods for hundreds of devices ...

For all those who have developed a form of allergy to Blob, or to the predefined emojis packaged by manufacturers in their operating systems, you should know that today there is a solution to finally choose the emoji for your android device.

Some precisions first of all: emojis are a standard defined by the Unicode consortium. Standardized to have similar meaning across all operating systems, they must meet a number of criteria.

You will notice that software publishers sometimes fail to meet these criteria. In fact, if the icon code is standard, the set of colored images that translates the code into an icon can be customized.

Therefore, Apple, Twitter, Facebook or Samsung and Google each have their own set of images that are superimposed on the code to display a smiley face. It is this picture game that we will modify on Android to get the desired icons.

If you're having trouble seeing emojis sent by your contacts who own an iOS device, it's probably because your smartphone isn't up to date. In fact, Apple integrates the new codes faster than Google on its operating system.

Furthermore, each iOS update affects a large fleet of smartphones, while a new version of Android affects the Nexus and Pixel first, then the other smartphones as long as the manufacturers hand over the update to the user - which is rarely the case.

If you have an Android version lower than 6.0.1, the integration of the emojis added by Unicode last year will not be able to take place, Google has implemented the new Unicode settings starting from version 6.0.1.

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How to have iPhone emojis on your rooted Android phone

Some malicious developers try, in the Play Store, to make users believe that it is possible, by installing only a keyboard, to change the emojis of the smartphone without rooting. Let's face it right away: it's wrong and you should be wary of these applications.

In fact, the set of images that define emojis are located in the system folders of your smartphone. But without administrator (root) rights, you can't access these files on Android, so it's a must to root your Android device. Remember that this delicate operation weakens the security of your operating system and could cause the manufacturer's warranty to fall.

The root is an excellent solution to be able to customize your smartphone. The easiest way to root your Android is definitely KingoRoot for Windows, or the official method provided by the developers, go to the link above.

If you've reached this stage of the tutorial, you're rooted, you're ready for anything to change your emojis. However, rest assured, the last step is of a disconcerting ease. Now that you are the administrator of your smartphone, the excellent Emoji Switcher - to which you must grant the right to root - will change the character that defines your emojis.

The application is very easy to use: you install it, open it, specify which font is currently in use and offer a short catalog of fonts available to replace your own. You will find emojis from Apple, LG or Twitter. Once you've chosen the font, restarting your phone should be enough to stop Blobs from showing.

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How to have iPhone emojis on your Android phone without root

If you are not interested in rooting your device, you can simply install the emoji iOS via the steps below, however, each device has a default font and most phones running Android 4.4 or later will allow you to change the font.

Some devices from certain manufacturers or devices running older versions of Android may not allow the font editing feature, but you can try procedure 3 to install emojis.

The first step is to activate the unknown sources from the settings of the Android smartphone, in order to enable the unknown sources, first of all access the security tab in the settings and check “unknown sources”.

Download the file "Emoji Font 3.apk”From the link below and install it on your Android device.

  • Download iOS Emoji Font 3 APK

Final report: Emoji Font 3.apk is no longer available in the Play Store, just download and install it via the link given above!

The third step is to change the default font of your Android device, you can easily change it from the path indicated in the settings menu.

After have completed the installation procedure of the iOS Emoji on your Android device without root access, you can download the Google keyboard or another third-party keyboard from the Play Store and you can use the emoji iOS whenever you want.

More apps to have iPhone emojis on your Android phone

Kira Keyboard + emoji then download the APK package for iOS emojis by going to this page.

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