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GTA 5: How to Steal the Tank Now [360-PS3]


If you need extra firepower, the Grand Theft Auto V tank is the solution to all your problems. Let's see how to get it at any time, and how to get it while keeping the wanted level at zero, avoiding getting killed.

How to get the tank

First of all you need to know that the tank is always available for you in the Fort Zancudo military base, which is located in the upper left area of ​​the map. Go inside and steal the wagon without asking anyone's permission, but be careful! As soon as you enter the base the wanted level will rise to 4 stars, so you will become the favorite target of all the greasy, muscular and heavily armed soldiers in the area. So hurry up and get into the wagon as soon as possible as shown in the video below.

How to steal the wagon without getting caught

You can repeat the same operation avoiding becoming wanted with 4 stars and having half the world on your heels, but you must do it during a very specific mission. One of the "strangers and fools" who provide missions to Trevor is called Cletus (you can find it in the central right part of the map). Cletus will entrust Trevor with several hunting missions.

In particular, when it asks you to hunt the wapiti you can leave the mission in abeyance and head to the military base (go there by taxi to do it first). In this way you will see that no one will care about your presence and you will be able to steal the tank or other military vehicles present in the base in complete freedom, such as the AC-130. Watch the video to see exactly how. Good luck

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