How to get the rare and legendary engrams

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Destiny Rare and Legendary Engrams Guide [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3]


In this new guide dedicated to Destiny we see some excellent points in the story missions to accumulate immense amounts of loot.

How to get the rare and legendary engrams

In Destiny the release of the loot occurs completely randomly, this means that the drop of the killed enemies does not depend in any way on their level, but only and exclusively by pure chance. For this reason it is immediately evident that the best way to increase the chances of obtaining uncommon, rare or legendary engrams is to collect large amounts of loot, because sooner or later something will turn up.

Below we talk about a couple of spots in two different missions in which you can dive into the continuous respawn of the enemies, which you will obviously take care of and then go to collect all the loot left on the field. For what has already been said, the legendary engram could jump out immediately, or even after a few hours of farming, but this is the good (or bad) of the random system.

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Method One - Moon Mission - Beyond the Darkness
Keep playing until the cutscene starts with the opening of the door to the Temple of Crota. Open the door and start taking out the slaves, but be careful NOT to kill the knights, on the contrary let yourself be killed to start again from the checkpoint right before the door opens. All loot dropped by slain enemies will remain in place, while the enemies will continue to appear nonstop until you decide to take out the Knights, at which point a new checkpoint will be saved. In this way you will be able to collect all the good things of God, inevitably, sooner or later, even more important objects will arrive. Watch the video

Second Method - Ancient Russian Mission - The Last Array
Select this mission, when you arrive in the large open area, place yourself in the position shown in the video below and from there continue shooting at the enemies that continue to appear from the cave. The trick is to stay away, because as you get closer the respawn of the enemies will slow down until it stops completely. Then kill them from a distance, when you think you have accumulated enough loot go to the cave and reap the rewards of your labor. This method can also be done alone, but it is much less frustrating if you are accompanied by a couple of friends, or in any case by other people who participate in farming with you. Watch the video

With both the first and the second method the goal is to collect as many Legendary engrams as possible, considering that the inventory will fill up soon, you will have to stop from time to time to take apart everything that is less useful. Also remember that this activity will raise the Cryptarch level, which will grant you access to better and better engrams. In this way you will also earn large amounts of money, along with the strange coins and specks of light that will come in very handy for buying new exotic weapons from Xur (read the guide to exotic weapons for more details).

Third Method - Cavern 2.0 post patch
Unsurprisingly, Bungie patched the ability to use these locations for item farming. But here's another one that should still work after the update

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