How to get META AIDS

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South Park the Stick of Truth: how to cure META-AIDS


Here is the cure to eliminate the disease in South Park the Stick of Truth.

How to get META AIDS

In the portion of the story that takes you to Canada, you will encounter a snake guarding a road. If you get hit by its bite you could contract META AIDS (it seems, but it is not confirmed, that the bite of ANY animal in the area is enough to attack the disease).

Having META AIDS is required to unlock "Outpatient" (one of the game's secret achievements / trophies, here is the complete list). If you want to unlock the result during the battle DO NOT parry the attacks but let the snake bite you.

How to cure META AIDS

If you have contracted the disease and want to eliminate it, you should know that simple healing and health potions will not be enough. The only thing to do to recover from Meta Aids is to go to Ottawa and talk to the doctor twice to get treatment. Everything is shown in the video below:

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