How to get all the skulls in Halo 5

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Guide to Finding ALL Halo 5 Guardians Skulls [Xbox One]


Let's see how to get all the skulls in the new chapter of Halo.

How to get all the skulls in Halo 5

In Halo 5 Guardians are present 13 skulls and finding them all, in addition to unlocking two different objectives of the game, we will have the possibility to activate in the missions of the different campaign game modifiers which will generally make things much more complicated. In the following list you can see what are the skulls and what effects they activate:

1. Black Eye Skull: The shield does not recharge automatically, but only when you perform melee attacks on enemies.
2. Blind Skull: All indicators on the screen (HUD) disappear.
3. Catch Skull: Enemies carry and throw many more grenades.
4. Cowbell Skull: explosions throw objects further away. Very useful if you use the grenade jump.
5. Famine SkullWeapons dropped by enemies or found on the ground will have half the ammo of normal.
6. Fog Skull: motion sensor disabled.
7. Grunt Birthday Party Skull: Headshots on Grunts will make their heads explode in a shower of confetti (and yes!)
8. Iron Skull: You cannot be revived or revived teammates. / In single player mode there will be no checkpoints. In co-op, the death of any player will bring EVERYONE to the previous checkpoint.
9. IWHBYD Skull: dialogues are activated more frequently.
10. Mythic Skull: enemies have more life.
11. Thunderstorm Skull: all enemies are of a higher rank.
12. Tilt Skull: Enemies have higher stamina.
13. Tough Luck Skull: Enemies dodge grenades and attacks more easily.

You probably also want to know now where all the skulls are. Watch this video and the directions below to find out how to get all the skulls in Halo 5 Guardians:

IWHBYD Skull - found in Mission 1: Osiris.
Black Eye Skull - found in mission 2: Blue Team.
Iron Skull - found in mission 3: Glassed (ONLY PLAYING LEGENDARY DIFFICULTY, can appear in three different locations, all shown in the video).
Blind Skull - found in mission 5: Unconfirmed.
Thunderstorm Skull - found in mission 6: Evacuation.
Grunt Birthday Party Skull - found in Mission 7: Reunion.
Fog Skull - found in Mission 7: Reunion.
Mythic Skull - found in mission 8: Swords of Sanghelios.
Catch Skull - found in mission 10: Enemy Lines.
Cowbell Skull - found in mission 12: The Battle of Sunaion.
Tilt Skull - found in mission 13: Genesis.
Famine Skull - found in mission 14: The Breaking.
Tough Luck Skull - found in mission 15: Guardians.

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