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It is easy to free up space on Samsung Galaxy A72. To free up the memory on your Samsung Galaxy A72, you can start by clearing the cache and deleting all the apps you don't need. You should also delete unwanted files and photos or transfer them to another device, such as an SD card or USB drive. Freeing up space on Samsung Galaxy A72 can help you run faster, extend battery life and prevent crashes.

Owners of Samsung Galaxy A72 very often complain about the lack of space in the memory and that moreover it fills up very quickly. There is no way for the user to download a new application or shoot a video. But fortunately, there are some easy ways to free up Samsung Galaxy A72 memory space.

Manually delete unnecessary files

If you haven't cleared your memory in a long time, you should first delete large files that you haven't used in a while. This can be a downloaded movie, music files, and other data. To delete files, you need to open the "Explorer" app, select a folder or file, then click the "Delete" button.

Free up space on Samsung Galaxy A72 by uninstalling unnecessary apps

Many applications are downloaded to the smartphone. Many of these are forgotten after a few days, but they continue to fill the device memory. To delete such apps, you need to hold your finger on the game or program icon for a couple of seconds, then move the icon to the “Uninstall” header. After that, the software will be removed. You can also uninstall the application via Google Play or settings.

Empty the application cache

A more rational option for those who intend to continue using the programs. Applications quickly accumulate temporary data, commonly called caches. Removing the cache does not lead to serious problems. The user does not have to re-authorize in the app. Clearing the cache is done as follows and it is very helpful in freeing up space on Samsung Galaxy A72.

  1. Open device settings.
  2. Go to the Applications section.
  3. Select the program that takes up the most space.
  4. Press the Clear Cache button.

When doing this, do not confuse the cache with application data. If the cache is made up of temporary files that are not problematic to delete, deleting the data will require the user to log in to the account again.

Remove messages from social applications, such as Whatsapp, Facebook etc.

When using WhatsApp and other similar messengers, Samsung Galaxy A72 users often exchange photos. The messages are not deleted after viewing, but saved in the device memory. Therefore, they must be removed manually.

All multimedia files received via WhatsApp are stored in the folder with the same name, which contains the directories named "Pictures" and "Videos". These directories must be deleted via the file manager or via the “Explorer” of your PC.

Use of special applications

You can install an application on Samsung Galaxy A72 that can scan the internal memory of the device and find the recycle bin (temporary files) inside it. There are dozens of similar programs. One of the most popular is called CCleaner.

After downloading the app, the user has to open the program, go to the “Trash” section and start the scan. After the scan is complete, the application will show you the option to free up space on Samsung Galaxy A72. All that remains is to confirm the operation.

If the free space in the memory is still low

The above solutions allow you to free up the space in the internal memory of Samsung Galaxy A72. However, even deleting a large number of files does not lead to optimal results if the owner has purchased the version of the device with the least amount of memory.

There are a couple of ways to fix this. First, you can buy and install a microSD card. Expand the internal memory by 32-256 gigabytes depending on the configuration you have chosen. Secondly, there is an option of uploading personal data to a “cloud” service such as Google Drive or Yandex Disk. But you have to be careful, as only a limited amount of space is provided for free. Expanding your virtual storage requires a subscription.

After choosing the appropriate option, the owner can transfer most of the files to a microSD card or upload the data to the “cloud”. Unfortunately, applications cannot be moved. But you can get rid of photos, videos and music without any problems.

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