How to fix Wifi problems with Android TV box

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Android TV boxes have a more than interesting quality-price ratio, it is, like any electronic device, susceptible to certain problems. Above all some reports concerning some Wifi problems with Android TV box.

Nothing to be alarmed about, these bugs are common with any Android TV box. The solutions exist and are quite simple if you follow the methodology to the letter. Once the WiFi problem is solved, the experience with Android box TV X96 can begin and satisfy the whole family!

How to fix Wifi problems with Android TV box?

Bugs are part of the daily life of electronic devices. And the Android X96 TV box, despite all the advantages it has, is no exception to this universal law.

These can also appear at the beginning of use, i.e. at the time of installation, as well as subsequently, after a certain period of use. However, the main thing is not to panic and find effective solutions so that your X96 Smart TV box fixes a Wifi problem or any other bug.

Android TV box locked

One of the most frequent concerns is when the smart TV box gets stuck. This blocking phenomenon, in fact, results in the loss of control of the IPTV box, which no longer reacts to orders given through the use of the remote control.

In this specific case, it is advisable to carry out the operations to restore the smart TV box to the factory state and, therefore, to start using its services again.

How to reset Android TV Box

Factory reset via Settings

  1. Click the Settings icon or menu button in the screen on the smart TV box.
  2. Click Archive and Restore.
  3. Click Factory data reset.
  4. Click Factory Data Reset again.
  5. Your Android TV Box will now be restored to factory default settings. Please be patient as this process is completed.
  6. Click on System.
  7. Click Reset Options.
  8. Click Erase All Data (Factory Reset). I had to use the mouse pointer on the remote to click on this option.
  9. Click Reset phone.

Factory reset via the reset hole

If your Android TV Box doesn't boot up properly so you can access the settings tab, this method may work for you.

Look for a small hole on your Android IPTV box where you can insert the end of a paper clip. It may be at the bottom of the package. Not all Android TV Boxes will have these available.

You may also find this pin hole located inside the AV port. This is where it is on the IPTV X96 Max box.

  1. Unplug the Android TV Box power cable from the back of the device.
  2. Press and hold the reset button while inserting a paper clip or toothpick into the hole (don't let go).
  3. While pressing the reset button, reconnect the power cable to the Android TV Box.
  4. Press and hold the reset button for 10-15 seconds, then release it.
  5. You should now see the recovery mode screen with the option to wipe data / factory reset, press that option.
  6. After clicking on the reset button, you will be asked to confirm.

Once the process is complete, you will return to the screen displayed above. Click "Reboot System Now". Be patient during the reboot.

How to fix Wifi problems with Android X96 smart TV box?

The other most well-known bug on the X96 is the problem with the WiFi. In this specific case, when you want to access any application that requires the use of the Internet, it does not start and seems to load constantly. 

Whether on the browser (“Browser”), on the Google Play Store, Youtube or any other main menu tab, nothing is accessible. A message may then be displayed: “unable to load data, check the connection” (data cannot be loaded, check the connection). 

This Android IPTV decoder bug is due to a WiFi issue. The solution to this bug is the following: you have to disconnect the X96 mini from the chosen Wifi network and reconnect it later.

How to connect Android TV box to Wifi?

First of all, in order for your Android TV box to not run into problems with WiFi, you need to make sure that the setup has been done rigorously. All information must be configured, especially the date and time. 

This can be a solution to possible future problems. If they persist, you will then need to disconnect and reconnect the X96 mini to the desired WiFi network. A methodology will allow you to do this with ease. How to connect Android TV box to Wifi? The instructions are as follows.

Steps to connect Android TV box to Wifi

Normally, the main menu is composed as follows: the Google Play Store on the left, the various applications installed at the bottom of the screen, the browser at the top left and the “settings” at the top of the screen. right. 

You will then need to click on the "Settings" tab. Once this level is reached, the next step is to press the “net” part. Next, you will be presented with several WiFi networks, and you will then need to select the one you want. You will be prompted for a password to access the Internet connection.

Android X96 TV box: Wi-Fi issue fixed

In the vast majority of cases, if the procedure is followed normally, the Android X96 mini TV box should not experience any WiFi issues. You will then be able to access the Google Play Store and download all the applications of your choice. 

The error message should normally no longer be displayed and the features should become accessible. You will once again be able to follow your favorite programs with complete peace of mind and have fun thanks to the multitude of offers made available to you by the X96 mini. 

The Wi-Fi issue will no longer affect your experience, a relief for all users.

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