How to find the strange coins

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Destiny Strange Coins Guide [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3]


Strange coins in exchange for extremely valuable equipment

How to find the strange coins

If you have already read Destiny's guide to exotic and legendary weapons, you already know what we are talking about: strange coins are special coins that go alongside Glimmer (money on Destiny planets) and which are required by seller Xur to pay for the weapons exotic for sale in his shop.

Xur the agent of the nine (if you don't know where he is, follow the guide to find XUR) will ask you for 23 strange coins for exotic weapons and 13 for exotic armor, but how do you get strange coins? The answer can be found in the following list:

  • Completion Heroic Strikes Weekly = 3 Strange Coins
  • completion of the “Scourge of Winter” mission on Venus = 1 strange coin
  • Random loot per Gold rank in public events
  • Random loot for completing matches in the Crucible
  • random loot from treasure chests
  • Random loot for completing Assaults
  • random loot from Blue Engrams (Level 18+ only)

As you can see, the fastest and safest way to earn the weird coins are the "Weekly Heroic Strikes", that is, much more difficult versions of normal assaults that become available to the player only after passing level 20 and reset every week. After passing this level, the "Daily Heroic Assaults" will also be unlocked, but don't get confused, they won't earn you weird coins.

All the other ways are related to completely random drops that you cannot be sure of, but which only require a good dose of luck.

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