How to find the frozen alien

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GTA 5: Where is the alien in the ice [Easter egg 360-PS3]


One of many easter eggs present in Grand Theft Auto V is in the very first few minutes of the game. In the prologue / tutorial, after finishing the shooting against the cops, you will board a car with your two buddies.

How to find the frozen alien

While running full throttle into the snowy landscape, before arriving at the bridge, you will notice a gully to the right of the road. Don't care about the pursuers and turn right into the channel. Get out of the car to find a pool of frozen water. Approaching you see inside what looks like an alien, or rather, an alien's icicle.

Below you will find a video showing the sequence and the position of the alien, if you want to see it yourself, all you have to do is replay the prologue and head to that place.

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