How to find the easter egg on Morrowind in Dawnguard

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Skyrim Dawnguard - Easter egg su Morrowind


If you happen to be homesick from time to time Morrowind, one of the historical chapters of The Elder Scrolls series, here we have something for you.

The Skyrim developers have indeed included in the DLC Dawnguard a precise reference to Morrowind, let's see how to find it.

How to find the easter egg on Morrowind in Dawnguard
  • To find this easter egg, you'll need to travel to the Soul Cairn in Skyrim's Dawnguard DLC. This location will be available after completing the "Chasing Echoes" quest (it doesn't matter if you are in the Dawnguards or the Vampires).
  • In Soul Cairn take a look around, you should meet a character named Jiub. This lost soul is very special, and will offer you a side-quest with a unique reward.
  • Jiub is the same character you met on the prison ship at the beginning of Morrowind (assuming you played him).
  • Jiub's spirit will ask you to find the lost pages of his work scattered throughout the Soul Cairn. If you read each page, you will find that Jiub became a saint after eliminating the Cliffracer threat from Morrowind.
  • Anyone who has played Morrowind is well aware that Cliffracer enemies were a constant nuisance whenever you moved. The message brought by the story of Jiub (the annihilation of the Cliffrace in fact) is a kind tribute from the developers to all the gamers who hated those damned creatures. It is no coincidence that this Jiub was even made a saint !!!

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